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A notable fact is that the people living in the Cornwalls County of the UK love fishing. Many fishing sites exist in the area of Cornwall County.

Oakside Fishery is a venue for catching fish in this area. It is one of the mentionable places of this County in the United Kingdom.

It works as a center for many anglers to catch fish. It has many things for a relaxing and peaceful angling experience.

This fantastic fishing venue is in the area named Newquay. It is a famous town on the north coast of Cornwall, in the southwest part of England.

More Information About Oakside Fishery

It is one of the premier Carp and Coarse Fishing Lakes in Cornwall. It is in a beautiful shallow valley and has the surroundings of many mature trees.

It is a fantastic venue and gives the angler plenty of shelter as they enjoy their days fishing. A notable time of this fishing venue is the summer of 1987.

There are two people related to this venue named Brian and Sandra. They leaned over the double wooden gates to view the 27-acre farmland in 1987.

It is outside of Summercourt near Newquay. They saw a dream to create a coarse fishery in the gently rolling hills. They also wanted to build it with the surroundings of woodlands.

The woodlands should have natural wildlife habitats for both fauna and flora. Sandra named this fantastic fishing venue Oakside. There was reason for giving this great name.

Mature oaks are standing here in the surrounding area. Sandra then went to town on the design of the established site logo. This logo is still in use to this day in this spot.

Their vision has come to fruition after many years without any question. This venue is a now mature, well-stocked coarse fishing lake set in a stunning location.

Oakside Fishery: A Wonderful Place
This fish species is available in Oakside Fishery. Piet Spaans ViridiflavusCC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

The authority welcomes both carp enthusiasts and coarse anglers at this site. The lake can hold carp many over the 20lb mark, and the current lake record is more than 30lb.

Some big sizes of Bream and roach are available, with some Tench of 10lb. This venue for carp fishing in Cornwall is a mixed coarse fishing lake. The lake itself is the jewel in the crown.

Right from the start, Brian designed it with four islands. The water reservoir has varied depths and underwater shelves. These things have made it a better fishing experience for the angler.

All the swims of this site have good access. It can cater to the disabled and able-bodied alike. These facilities have made it an ideal fishing destination, without any doubt.

This site offers both day and night tickets to anglers who want to catch fish here. A great experience is waiting for everyone on this fantastic site.

Some good people with lots of expertise in fishing work here. They are always ready to offer memorable moments in this venue in Cornwall.

Rules of this site

There are many fishing sites available in this county which have some rules. This spot for catching fish is no alternative to it as it also has some.

  • The authority does not allow any Tiger Nuts or Peanuts.
  • Anglers should not keep any Carp in nets.
  • The authority allows Barbless hooks only.
  • They do not allow any LEAD Core.


Oakside will not frustrate anyone, without any doubt. Another notable fact is that this fantastic site is not very far from the Coastal area of the UK.

There are also many other mentionable places available in the nearby area of it. If you live in Cornwall, you can visit this site to catch fish.

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