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Alutila Cave is a mysterious place in Khagrachari. It is about 7 km away from Matiranga Upazila. Alutila is about 3000 feet above sea level.

Alutila Cave: An Astonishing Place in Bangladesh
Munirul HasanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Local people know it as ‘Matai Hakar’ or God’s Cave. The cave is so dark and cold that there is no way to solve these two problems except by using a torch.

A Majestic Place in Bangladesh

The entrance to the cave is about 18 feet wide, but some places inside the cave are so narrow that you may need to crawl. It takes about 10-15 minutes to exit the Alutila cave.

The tunnel is about 350 feet in length, and the bottom of the cave is slippery and rocky. Thousands of tourists flock to this majestic tunnel.

Alutila is the highest mountain in the Khagrachari district. Arbari Parbat was the former name of Alutila. It has a history that has related to the Second World War.

During the war, there was a severe shortage of food in Khagrachari. The people of the area collected wild potatoes from this mountain in search of food and survived.

Since then, the name of this place became Alutila Because Alu means potato. The boundaries of this mountain are huge.

Mahjanpara to the north, and Taikathang Mauza to the south of this mountain. Malchhara and Thakurchhara villages to the east.

The location of the Sapmara mountain range is on the west of this mountain. This place is under the Mong circle.

If you want to see this tunnel, you will first need to buy a ticket at the fixed price of the tourist center. The ticket price is 10 taka.

Then take the torch, and its price is also 10 taka. At the beginning of the entrance, two banyan trees standing on both sides of the gate can be visible.

It is the way nature welcomes visitors. Inside the main gate of the tourist center, two roads lead to the right and left sides.

And if you walk along the road on the right for some time, you will see a narrow mountain road. This path descends the mountain slope. A little further down this path, there is a waterfall.

inside the cave
Munirul HasanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The spring water is going down. But, hill people have built a dam at this place. They have done it to stop the shower water.

They use the spring water for food and other purposes. After entering the Alutila cave, anyone can feel fear. There is no end to this cave. There is no end to this dark underworld.

But after going a little further, the light will be visible. Then it will seem life is so exciting. What a joy! Enter this underground cave to get a wonderful experience.

It is better to avoid sandals or shoes in this place. It can cause the feet to slip due to the slippery nature of the rocks in this tunnel.

Carry a mobile torch or torch light for extra safety. Adventurers and travelers should visit this place at least once. It has many great things to offer to its visitors.

How to get to Alutila Cave?

You can go to Khagrachari by any transport bus from Dhaka. If someone wants to come from Chittagong, it is easy. You can go to Khagrachari town from anywhere in Chittagong by bus.

Khagrachari city is reachable from any part of the country. Then from Khagrachari town, you can go to the entrance of the Alutila tourist center.

You can use CNG-powered auto-rickshaws, bikes, TomTom, and buses. These vehicles can help you to reach your destination without any doubt.

You have to arrange convenient transportation according to the numbers of your team. Besides, there are Buddhist temples and Risang Waterfall near Alutila Cave.

So it is best if you explore all these places together. It will take 2000-3000 taka to reserve a car to visit all the attractive places.

But 800-1000 taka is enough to reserve a CNG. It will take 4-5 hours to visit these places. It is good to bargain before hiring any car with the driver.

Where will you eat?

Khagrachari town has several restaurants around or in town. Food of any price is available in this town.

So there will be no shortage of restaurants when you reach the city. Any restaurant has good quality food.

Where will you stay?

As Khagrachari is a hilly district, one should not stay in hotels outside the city. There are some residential hotels in the city.

The hotels are of good quality. If you want you can rest in any hotel in the city center. Do not throw food waste anywhere. It can harm natural resources and wild animals.

Alutila Cave Bangladesh
Munirul HasanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Keep yourself aloof from doing any illegal activities in this area. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and let others enjoy it too.


The scenario is attractive in the area of this majestic tunnel. The surroundings here offer something extraordinary to please the tourists.

There is a touch of innovation and beauty right up to the tunnel. Many people of Bangladesh come to visit this place again and again.

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