The Hoia Baciu Forest: A Mystery of Romania


There is a place called the Hoia Baciu forest in the town of Cluj Napoca in Transylvania, Romania. Various supernatural events have made this jungle mysterious.

The woodland covers an area of ​​about 250 hectares. The shape of the trees in this mysterious woodland is also a bit unusual.

All the trees twisted in the branches. Local people described many mysterious things about this Romanian jungle.

The locals believe that there is the presence of something supernatural. It has a strange appearance and ring of light.

The Hoia Baciu Forest

People who have visited the Hoia Forest Romania suffer from abnormal mental anxiety. They suffered because of their stay in this mysterious jungle.

People love to refer to this woodland as the Bermuda Triangle of TransylvaniaBecause they believe the devil, ghosts, and perhaps even aliens inhabit this place. 

The Hoia Baciu Forest of Romania
Photo by Sergiu Vălenaș on Unsplash

Every visitor feels that someone is watching them in this mysterious jungle. The Hoia Forest Romania was first introduced to the world in 1968 through a photo by a photographer.

The photographer claims to have seen a UFO on the eve of a trip to the woodland, and he immediately captures it.

Shortly afterward, biologists conducted experiments to verify the incident and spoke to locals. The locals said they often see such a circular ring of mysterious light.

It goes upwards from this Romanian forest from time to time. The last UFO sighting was in 2002 by two Cluj residents.

They live in Manastur, a neighboring town very close to the woodland. They saw a bright light, about 50 meters long, as long as a cigarette, rushing from the jungle to the sky.

They saw the object for about 27 seconds. There is a local story that once a shepherd entered the woodland to feed about 200 lambs. But the shepherd never returned and remained disappeared.

After this incident, many people remained scared enough to enter this jungle. There is a kind of fear among them. Anyone who dares to go into this forest may fail to come back again.

Those who dare to visit the woodland have suffered from various physical ailments. These include dizziness, headache, nausea, blisters, scratches, and burns on the body.

Often, people go missing after entering the woodland. But when they return, they have no idea what happened to them in the past or where they went.

Once, a five-year-old girl wanders into the woodland and disappears. After much searching, no trace of her became possible to find. Five years later, the girl came out of the jungle.

When she asked where she had gone, where she had been for so long – the girl could not say anything. She could not remember anything from the last five years.

Scientists have found some valuable information about the Hoia Baciu forest. It works as a container for unusual levels of radioactive radiation.

It also works as microwave radiation and infrared radiation. There are also several deviations from the magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

There is also a place in the middle of the woodland where no grass or other shrubs ever grow. Scientists have examined the soil here but failed to find any substance.

The substance could interfere with the growth and development of any plant. Locals call this place the epicenter of haunted events.

They believe some supernatural thing or an unsatisfied soul lives in this place. They say that the woodland killed many Romanian farmers about 50 years ago.

They faced many haunting incidents before their deaths. Their dissatisfied souls may stick in this haunting jungle.

The coils of light and the invisible lady’s voice are the haunting incidents of the jungle. There is also occasional laughter that many locals witness.

It is very normal for the temperature of this place to rise due to so much light. However, the thermal detector did not observe any temperature difference.


This mysterious Romanian forest covers an area of about 3 square kilometers. Its southern boundary starts from a ridge that runs east-west.

It lacks the steep southern slope of the hill, which rises from the Someșul Mic River. The jungle ends on a smoother slope to the north and meets the Nadăș River.

The eastern end of the jungle has a border with the Tăietura Turcului. It is an artificial valley related to the Romanian Hoia Forest. It divides the hill from north to south and contains a traffic road.

This haunted forest’s west end reaches the northeastern slope of Dealul Melcilor. Dealul Melcilor is near the Mujai Forest, which extends further westward.

The Bongar Valley goes along the south end of this site. The valley contains a downy oak grove unique to the southern steppe.

Part of the northeastern end of this mysterious Romanian jungle has a border with Valea Lungă. It goes through Eocene limestone and forms Cheile Baciului.

Cheile Baciului is a valley with asymmetric slopes. A small natural lake is upstream from Cheile Baciului at the jungle border.

You will see several springs with potable water at the north edge. The north edge is in the Valea Lungă area of this jungle.


Our planet Earth has mysteries, and this forest in Romania is a part of that mystery. The Romanians created the mystery of this jungle, and it spread all over the world.

Many visitors visit this jungle to discover the secrets of this forest. Some believe that the aliens come and live here. They say about their sighting of a UFO.

There are many reports of strange phenomena. These phenomena made this forest the best-documented paranormal site in the world.

Science is not yet able to explain the source of this strange phenomenon. However, many scientists are trying to explain the phenomena.

It may be the forest of the aliens and some dissatisfied souls, but it is a fantastic place. I hope people will know about the real mystery of this jungle very soon.

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