Mirzaganj Upazila: Some Important Information to Know

Mirzaganj is Upazila in southern Bangladesh under Patuakhali district. It is on the bank of the Payra river. The history of the creation of Mirzaganj Upazila is old. According to history, the Mirzas had a zamindari estate in this area. They were the happy and sad companions of the people of this area. The people […]

Dumki Upazila: Interesting Facts About 3 Notable Places

Dumki is a subdistrict of the Patukahli district of southern Bangladesh. It is under Barisal Divison. This area has many notable educational institutions. The literacy rate of Dumki Upazila is 66.4%. It is the result of the 2011 census. People of this locality have a great interest in education, without any doubt. Parents of students […]

Shamibag: Some Important Things to Know

I think we all know about Dhaka. It is the largest city in the south Asian country Bangladesh. It is in the central part of Bangladesh and has a population of over 21 million people. Shamibag is a neighborhood in the capital city of Bangladesh. It has many important places. These places represent the cultural, […]

Sayedabad: Some Interesting Things to Know

Sayedabad is a place in Dhaka city, and this place is famous for its bus terminal. Many people live in this locality of the capital city of Bangladesh. It is one of the main bus terminals of Dhaka City, without any doubt. Hundreds of buses go to different parts of Bangladesh from this bus terminal. […]

Bakshi Bazar: An Important Area of Dhaka City

Dhaka is one of the most populated cities in the world, without any doubt. Millions of people live in this city. It has many rich and poor neighborhoods. Bakshi Bazar is one of these neighborhoods. Bakshi Bazar is a neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is famous for its market and street food. It is also […]

Keokradong Tour: 7 Interesting Information You Should Know

Many nature lovers know Bandarban as the daughter of nature. It is a region with high mountain peaks, and its mountain range is a paradise for trekkers. Keokradong Hill is in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban. It has importance as it is one of the highest peaks in Bangladesh. It is in the southeastern district of […]

Al Dar Island: A Beautiful Place of Bahrain

Al Dar Island is an attractive place in the Persian Gulf. The Gulf of Persia, often known as the Arabian Gulf, is the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Western Asia. Between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean sea is an extension of the Indian Ocean. The Strait of Hormuz connects it to the Gulf […]

Some Interesting Information About The Panama Canal

There is much information about the Panama Canal. This canal is the result of the hard work and sacrifice of the life of many people. It is 1903, a rainy day on a canal under construction. In a country where it rains 80 percent time of the year. While working on such a wet rocky […]