Information about The Grand Canyon: A Beautiful Place

Millions of years ago, the world was not like this. Where the towering peaks now stand majestically on the earth’s surface, there may have been rivers of drought. Or where billions of species of animals now swim in vast reservoirs, there were once vast arid deserts. Similarly, there is a canyon extending for about 446 […]

Information about Liechtenstein: A Beautiful Country

Among the numerous countries spread all over the world, a small country in Central Europe is ‘Liechtenstein’. The country is located between Switzerland and Austria. It is the sixth smallest country in the world and the fourth smallest in Europe in terms of size. Its area covers only 160 square kilometers. About 25 km in […]

Mysterious Facts about The Devils Tower

Black Hill region of the western US state of Wyoming. An ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty. Many people flock to the foot of this mountain every year to hike the mountain. As the hikers reach the banks of the Bel Fosh River, a tower-like object catches their eye. At first glance, it may […]