Lake Anosy: An Amazing Area in Madagascar


Lake Anosy is a reservoir in the southern part of the capital city of Antananarivo. This site is about two miles south of Haute-Ville.

Lake Anosy
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Ampefiloha is west of the pool, Isoraka is to the northwest, and Mahamasina is to the north. During the era of Radama I, the replacement of a swamp with Lake Anosy took place.

More Information About Lake Anosy

James Cameron constructed this beautiful reservoir in a heart shape. In the middle, an island connects to the city by an isthmus.

On the island is a French-built memorial to the fallen from the First World War, the Monument aux Morts. Sculptor Barberis and architect Perrin made it in 1927.

In Radama I’s time, a gunpowder factory was on the island. Later, they built a summer residence for Queen Ranavalona I.

By the reservoir, grow jacaranda trees that flower in October and November. Great egrets used to rest by this reservoir. By the southern shore, there are barbers’ kiosks.

On June 26, the lake hosts an annual firework festival. It celebrates National Independence Day. It is possible to get the best view from the old city hill.

The high lakes of the town make them remarkable, without any doubt. Lake Anosy in central Antananarivo was once a swamp.

Lake Anosy
LemurbabyCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In 1830, people made a reservoir and an islet in the middle. They put a blacksmith workshop on the island. It was because it reduced the risk of workshop fires.

They were common in areas with wood and thatched roofs. In later years, they used the island to store explosive powder.

It also posed a fire risk in the city, where houses were wooden built. Today, the island is a monument. It commemorates victims of World War I.

Many Malagasy died fighting at the front for France. Many poor and homeless people live in the park by the lake.

Even though the water is highly polluted, people sometimes see it and still wash and fish in it. Much traffic encircles the lake.

It is best visited on public holidays to avoid rush hours. All visitors must pay a small fee to enter the island. Foreign tourists should expect a slightly higher price.

The monument of this site is a large golden angel on a plinth. It holds branches of bay laurel with the left hand and a laurel wreath with the right hand.

It is one of the most striking monuments in the capital city. Every year, on 26 June, the people hold a fireworks show on the lake.

They do this to celebrate Madagascar’s independence day. Sometimes, many poor and homeless people make the park around the lake their home.

Even though the water is very polluted, people still fish or swim in it. Nevertheless, you should see this reservoir, a key landmark of Madagascar.

The authorities should work harder to preserve this site so every visitor can marvel at it. It is especially become beautiful in October.

Jacaranda trees line its shores, their branches covered in purple blossoms. It is currently not advised to walk there. So, the best way to see Anosy is from the Haute-Ville viewpoint.

According to the people who visited it, there is concerning information. It is full of sewage and garbage. The water is filthy, as expected for a reservoir in a third-world city.

At times in the year, it smells so horrible. The statue in the middle of the lake is worth a visit to see and snap a picture of.

Lake Anosy
Z thomasCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

But anticipate that children and beggars will hassle you the entire time. You do not need them to try to charge you entry and act as your guide.

But, if you are generous, it is better than giving money to street beggars. But they may not know anything about the reservoir!

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