Lake Itasy: A Beautiful Site to Explore


The location of Lake Itasy is in central Madagascar. It is in the Italy Region. This site is in the Ampefy, Soavinandriana, Manazary, and Analavory.

This fantastic reservoir covers 3,500 hectares. It is the fourth largest lake in Madagascar, after lakes Alaotra, Kinkony, and Ihotry.

This reservoir is 4 meters deep on average and up to 10 meters deep. The water level varies by season. There are marshy areas in the south and east part of the reservoir.

More Information About Lake Itasy

Lac Itasy lies in the Itasy Massif, a volcanic area. The volcanoes in the region are recent. The lake formed when lava blocked a river, making it a lake.

The landscape around the lake has many small volcanoes and other features. The Mariandrano and Andranomena rivers empty into this reservoir from the east.

The Lily River is the outflow of this pond. It drains west from the northwestern corner of the pool. The Lily is a tributary of the Sakay River, which flows into the Tsiribihina River.

The Tsiribihina flows west to empty into the Mozambique Channel. Reedbeds are along the edges of this beautiful reservoir.

They are consisted of the reed Phragmites and the sedge Cyperus. They grow up to two meters high. There are also floating mats of the non-native water hyacinth Eichhornia.

Observers have seen 44 bird species at the lake, including ten from Madagascar. Native birds include Meller’s duck and Madagascar grebe.

Birds like Flufftail, pond herons, snipe, and marsh harrier are also available. The native fish Ptychochromoides itasy was last visible in the lake in the 1970s.

Scientists believed it to be extinct until they found a population in the Sakay River. This reservoir in Madagascar is a valuable area for birds.

Pollution, erosion, and siltation have changed this lake. Habitat destruction and exotic species have also changed a lot.

Lake Itasy
krishna naudinCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ampefy is a small town on the banks of Lac Itasy. For those who prefer to relax, breathe fresh air, and avoid crowded beaches, this small haven of peace is for you.

It’s nested in the area of Itasy and offers many treasures of curious forms. You can easily arrange pirogue tours on the lakes. You can also rent bicycles.

Ampefy has rolling hills adorned in green. They do not taint mass tourism, and animals and plants fill them. It makes the area very appealing to nature lovers.

Lake Itasy is the third lake on the Red Island. Its surface is 3500 ha. The lake’s name, Itasy, means basin. It is at 1221 meters in a volcanic area.

It is not very deep. It owes its existence to a lava flow that blocked the valley 8,000 years ago. Andriambahoaka, who ruled in the seventeenth century, rests in eternal peace there.

A large colony of vegetarian bats called Fanihy lives on the island. They are harmless. The lake gets its water from the Lily River.

The river is famous for its extraordinary waterfalls. These waterfalls have impressed all the tourists who have seen them.

To see all the wonders, take a little stroll to reach the Lily waterfall. Cross lovely volcanic hills with small villages to get to the famous waterfall.

This site has red mud houses with thatched roofs, typical of the central highland. As one goes forward, they meet isolated peasants.

They wear a broad smile and are full of generosity. After a few minutes’ walk, one starts to hear the buzz and crumpling. The sound gets very strong. It is the Lily waterfall.

It holds great cultural significance for the nearby communities. They consider it a sacred place with significant spiritual importance.

Local rituals and ceremonies often take place by the reservoir. They honor its beauty and the life-giving properties of water.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, this site won’t disappoint. This lake provides an ideal setting for various water sports with its calm and clear waters.

Visitors can enjoy activities like kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. They can do so surrounded by stunning nature.

Fishing is vital to the local economy around this reservoir. It supports a lively fishing industry that provides jobs for many communities.

Visitors can see the traditional fishing methods and even try some of the fresh catch. The vegetation around Itasy is very diverse.

It has tall grasses and reeds at the water’s edge and lush forests further inland. The area showcases a wide range of plant species.

Rare and local plants will thrill botany enthusiasts. As the sun sets over Itasy, the sky turns into a display of colors.

The waters of this reservoir reflect the sky, making the sunset more beautiful. It is a magical sight that leaves visitors in awe of wonders.

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