Lac de Gafsa: A Mysterious Lake in Tunisian Desert

Sahara is the world’s largest desert located on the continent of Africa. Forty-five percent of that desert area is occupied by Tunisia, a country in northern Africa.

The dry climate of the Sahara desert prevails over most of the country. Gafsa is a very famous city in Tunisia. The country has a reputation as a chemical exporter in North Africa.

About 25 km away from this city in the gray wilderness of the desert, an amazing incident happened. Some say it is miraculous, some say it is supernatural, and some say it is a change in geography.

Whatever anyone says, its origin is still unknown. Some isolated villages have developed in the middle of the desert. Areas experience temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius during summer days.

The people here spend their days very hard in the heat and crying for clean water. Even a drop of water brings a lot of peace to the heat.

It can be said that there is no farming in the village. Farming of sheep or sheep at home. In the incident of July 2014, one day at noon some shepherds came out with some lambs.

Everything was going well. But when one of the party suddenly screamed, everyone thought. The eyes of the rest of the people were also shocked to see what was going on. What are you looking at?

They can’t even believe their eyes. Just the day before at the same time they had spent a lot of time at this place. I have not seen anything like that! They have been living in this area for many years.

There was never anything like that here. They were all surprised and started asking each other. Because a lake full of water has grown overnight across a certain wilderness of the gray desert!

The existence of the lake they did not know about until the previous day. The place where they were looking at the lake was surrounded by high mountains. Seeing such a surprise, someone’s eyes widened.

In a very short time, the news reached all around. Hearing the name of the water, everyone rushes to see that lake. Will not come or why?

Such a miracle cannot be believed without seeing it with one’s own eyes. Surprise expression in everyone’s eyes. All the dignitaries of the village are also present.

This place is very familiar to everyone. Many people stay away from this lake that grows overnight thinking it is a ghostly activity.

According to some, this is the blessing of the creator. This lake was created without thinking about the suffering of the villagers in such a gray desert.

Many people forget the dilemma and jump into the water with joy. Pushing away all the doubts in the mind, it seemed to float around with immense joy. It’s like rain without asking for clouds.

The lake is surrounded by numerous rocky hills. Many people are jumping from the mountains to scuba dive by guessing the depth of the lake.

The villagers are suddenly overwhelmed with the joy of getting the Eid moon in their hands. Thousands of mouths echoed with joy.

Later it became known as ‘Lake de Gafsa’ or ‘Gafsa Beach’. News began to spread rapidly. People from different media come and interview the locals.

Likewise, a working Tunisian journalist, Lakhdar Soud, told France 24 television that many locals call it a miracle, but some see it as a curse.

Although the water is clear for the first few days, gradually the water becomes dirty due to the growth of algae, which is apparently irreversible. This has also created some fear.

In the interview of another local named Mehdi Bilal, it is known that he was returning home after the wedding ceremony. He felt like he was seeing a mirage when he saw the huge lake in the heart of the desert after walking non-stop for a long time.

At first he didn’t want to believe it, because he had passed the same road on the day of his wedding. He did not see anything like that then. In his opinion, it is something beyond science.

Hearing the news, the local authorities came to the spot to investigate. They can’t come to any conclusion even after examining the surrounding area.

However, they suspect that there may be some radioactivity in this water, which may cause cancer. So locals are repeatedly warned not to bathe in that water.

According to locals, the lake is about eighteen meters deep and covers an area of ​​one hectare. According to local geologists, earthquakes can cause rocks to move and create such water flows.

According to many, this lake can also be created by the accumulation of rainwater in deep ditches. But there is no strong evidence for either theory. It’s all speculative reasoning.

Since the discovery of phosphate in southern Tunisia in 1886, Gafsa became the center of the country’s mineral trade. Tunisia is currently one of the world’s leading phosphate exporters.

A local newspaper cited this information as stating that there are numerous phosphate mines scattered in the local area. Exposure to toxic chemicals can make lake water toxic. So this water is not safe at all.

For the first few days, the water is quite clear, but very quickly algae grows in it, turning the color of the water gray-green. So the question arises again about the purity of this water.

Two weeks after the discovery of the lake, Gafsa’s ‘Official for Public Safety’ warned people not to bathe in the lake’s water. According to them, bathing in this lake is quite dangerous.

But very few people heed this warning. Many people still visit and bathe in this lake.

Thousands of people from the country and abroad flock to see this immense wonder of nature, the source of which is still unknown to all. So far no complaint has been heard regarding the water of this lake.