Isla del Coco National Park: A Beautiful Island of Costa Rica

Cocos Island, Isla del Coco National Park, is one of the most beautiful islands in Costa Rica and the world.

Costa Rican government declared Coco Island a National Park and Conservation Area in 1978. It got the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

The distance between mainland Costa Rica and Isla del Coco National Park is about 550 kilometers. Cocos Island is in the Pacific Ocean and has a rectangular shape, including an area of approximately 23.85 square kilometers (9.21 sq mi).

The nearby ocean area of Isla del Coco National Park is full of elusive marine creatures like giant manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead dolphins, and other species that are really out of this world.

Many biologists think that hammerhead sharks are migrating to this area to reproduce since it is one of the few locations where they are still available in large groups.

The Isla del Coco National Park has a beautiful, lush jungle full of life with a tropical temperature that is typically hot and humid.

For bird lovers, there are seven species of land birds and about 74 species of marine birds, including the local Isla del Coco Finch, Isla del Coco Cockillo, and Cocos Island flycatchers.

The most stunning of them must be Espiritu Santo or White Turn. A beautiful little white bird does not seem to fly over human heads. The island has numerous astonishing waterfalls, which give it a wild, Jurassic-era appeal.

In addition to being a beautiful, uninhabited island, Isla del Coco is a valuable scuba diving spot and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a real-life treasure island!

The most valuable treasure buried on the Isla del Coco National Park is the treasure of Lima. Lima has been under Spanish control since the 16th century.

In the following century, the Catholic Church amassed a valuable treasure in the city of Lima. By 1820, the war of independence was gaining momentum, and the Church felt the need to transport and protect its resources in Mexico.

Captain William Thompson, commander of the Mary Deere, was assigned to the mission. Unable to resist the temptation to transport the vast wealth they were transporting, Thompson with his team suicide by piracy.

The Isla del Coco National Park is considered by many to be the site of the burial of Lima’s treasure. Because so many people think this legend is true, around 500 treasure hunts were organized by the curious.

But nothing has yet been discovered. The book Desert Island offers a very detailed theory that Daniel Defoe Isla del Coco was used as an accurate model to describe the island populated by his Maroon Robinson Crusoe.

However, Defoe laid the island of Crusoe on the Venezuelan coast, not in the Pacific Ocean, but the Atlantic Ocean.

Robinson’s neighbor Terra Pharma is visible in a colorful map of Johannes Johnson, depicting the northeastern corner of South America, Terra Pharma at Novam Regnam Granatens et Popayan.

It belongs to the earliest group of plates printed by Willem Bleu in 1630. The property called Terra Firma was Darien’s Isthmus. Crusoe’s two references to Mexico are also against an island in South America.

Visiting Isla del Coco National Park, Costa Rica, both suburbanites and urban city dwellers are good decisions because of the adventure that awaits.

Tropical animals and exotic avian and marine life are just a few of the many attractions that magnetize travelers visiting this beautiful island.

The massive variety of wildlife is attractive to visitors seeking eco-tourism discovery and excursions.