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Dashmina is a subdistrict under the Patuakhali district. It is in the Barisal division of Bangladesh. It covers an area of 351.88 sq km.

The location ranges from 22°08′ to 22°22′ north latitude and 90°28′ to 90°39′ east longitude. Baufal upazila is in the north, and Galachipa upazila is in the south.

Lalmohan upazila is in the east, and Charfashion upazila of Bhola district is in the west. They formed Dasmina thana in 1979.

Before that, this subdistrict was under Baufal Upazila. They converted the thana into upazila in 1983. Dashmina upazila consists of 7 unions, 49 mauzas, and 53 villages.

According to the census report 2011, the total population of Dashmina Upazila is 1,23,388 people. Among them, 60,241 are male, and 63,147 are female. Total families are 28,490.


Dashmina sits at the coordinates 22.2833°N 90.5903°E and boasts 28,490 households, covering a total area of 351.87 km2. Dashmina Sadar is the location of the subdistrict Headquarters.

The bank of the river Tetulia is its location. River Tetulia is one of the most attractive places in this locality of southern Bangladesh.

This fascinating locality named Dashmina has seven unions. The Sadar, at the center, has two unions in the north. They are Bashbaria and Bahrampur.

Bashbaria is on the bank of the river Tetulia. The northern border of both Bahrampur and Bashbaria ends at the start of Baufal upazila.

Rono Gopaldi and Betagi Shankipur are in the northwestern part of Dashmina Sadar. Alipura covers the southern part and ends at the start of Galachipa upazila.

More Information About Dashmina Upazila

After receiving arms training, the freedom fighters began operations as a group. They also worked with freedom fighters from neighboring areas.

But, in most areas of the subdistrict, the poor transport network made movement difficult. The Pakistani soldiers and their local collaborators had little activity here.

Dashmina Upazila: Some Interesting Facts to Know
Own workCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The freedom fighters did not have direct encounters with the Pak army. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of Dashmina Upazila is 48.7%.

This subdistrict has four colleges, 25 secondary schools, 109 primary schools, and 19 madrasas. It means an ideal educational environment exists here.

Administrative areas

This subdistrict currently has 7 Unions. The thana has jurisdiction over all administrative activities in the entire subdistrict.

Ranagopaldi Union

The area of Ranagopaldi Union is 25,225 acres. According to the 2011 census, the total population of Ranagopaldi Union is 21,576.

Among them, 10878 males and 10,698 females. Total families are 5,112. Ranagopaldi Union has a literacy rate of 38.5% as per 2011 census.

Alipur Union

The area of Alipur Union is 10,618 acres. The total population of this locality is 20,538, according to the census report 2011.

Among them, 10,183 are male and 10,355 are female. Total families are 4,981. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of Alipur Union is 50%.

Betagi Sankipur Union

The area of Betagi Sankipur Union is 10,243 acres. According to the census 2011, the total number of people in Betagi Sankipur Union is 19,658.

Among them, 9,620 are male and 10,038 are female. The total number of families living in this ideal union is 4,547.

Dashmina Union

Dashmina Union has an area of 21,994 acres. The total population of the Dashmina Union is 27,387, according to census 2011.

Among them, 13,234 are male, and 14,153 are female. Total families are 6,003. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of Dasmina Union is 53.2%.


The total area of Baharampur is 9,931 acres. According to the 2011 census, Baharampur has a total population of 15,970.

Out of this, 7,476 are male and 8,494 are female. Total families are 3,677. Baharampur has a literacy rate of 49% as per 2011 census.


The area of Banshbaria is 8,940 acres. According to the census, the total population of Banshbaria is 18,259. Out of this, 8,850 are male and 9,409 are female. Total families are 4,170.

The literacy rate of Banshbaria is 51.5%. There is one college, two secondary schools, three madrasas, 19 primary schools, and one kindergarten.

Char Borhan

It is an area located within this sub-district of Bangladesh. There are no secondary or higher secondary educational institutions in the area. Only government primary schools are available.


There are many things to explore in this beautiful part of the southern Bangladesh. This area has significant importance in the economy and other metrics.

The beautiful Tetulia River flows through this area. The natural beauty of this river attracts thousands of people, without any doubt.

Many people in this part of Bangladesh have a relationship with fishing. They have fishing boats to catch fish in the river or the Bay of Bengal.

A good time is easy to enjoy with family and friends by exploring the beautiful sites. So it is a good idea to visit this part of the Southern Bangladesh.

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