Love in Train: An Amazing Way of Dating in Spain

People can celebrate Valentine’s Day in many ways, without any doubt. One of the ways is a high-speed train to enjoy a speed dating session. You can call it love in train.

The speed dates in which the participants have only a few minutes. It is a minute to meet the possible partner when the candidates follow one another.

It is possible to do it on 13 February, if anyone wants. It is one day before the day of lovers on different train journeys through Spain.

The high-speed transport company Ouigo has taken the initiative to target the day of valentine’s. It has decided to repeat the adventure, according to its managers.

They consider it as an initiative to attract the public to take their service. There is no specific place to amour. Lovers can show love anywhere. Love is a thing that connects two people in a bond.

There is various form of fondness on the planet. These are the love between mother and children or between father and children. It also includes love among friends.

Spanish Love in train
Photo by Denis Chick on Unsplash

But we are talking here about the amour between a male and a female. This love in train is different, without any doubt. The Spanish company has created the chance to share this love on the train.

Love in rail is a unique way of amour that can help to create a magnificent bond between the male and female. Many people share this opportunity to express their amour.


The Spanish subsidiary of SNCF Voyageurs decided to expand its boundary this year. The people on the itinerary between Madrid and Barcelona could sign up in 2022.

So many people missed the fastest speed dating in the world in the previous year. This time, singles from some more places can ride the amour train.

Travelers between Valencia, Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Madrid can ride the love train. The meetings will not be available at all times.

Singles will enjoy these flashy dates at lightning speeds with a meal. It completes the adventure with a meal and plans for the final destination.

Passengers must follow a step to enjoy the romantic proposal at 300 kilometers per hour. They have to send a direct message to the Instagram account of the private transport company.

According to those in charge of networks, candidates must send a brief presentation. They have to tell who they are and from where they come.

They also have to be clear about their interests. At last, why do they want to sign up for speed dating? Anyway, there is no excuse for being single on Valentine’s Day.

The routes where the love in train can take place:

The amour trains to Madrid depart at 10:06 a.m. from Valencia, at 10:40 a.m. from Barcelona, and at 12:06 p.m. from Zaragoza.

It can be a great and unique way to convince the partner to amour. Many young guys have taken part in this journey, and many will take part.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

This kind of way to express love is rare, without any doubt. Many companies around the world should arrange rail journeys like this company.

This type of work will help to boost their business. If you live in Spain, do not hesitate to take the chance to ride this train with your partner.

This train journey can give you a unique experience without any doubt. Your loved ones will also become amazed to see this type of expression of amour.