Redwings Aylsham: Interesting Facts About This Horse Sanctuary


The horse is the name of a famous animal in Great Britain and the whole world. There are thousands of people on the planet who love horses.

Redwings Aylsham is a horse sanctuary in the Aylsham. Aylsham is a historical place in Great Britain. It is a market town and civil parish on the bank of the river bure.

There is no doubt about the beauty of the river bure. It plays a vital role in raising the attraction of Aylsham. Many people love to enjoy the scenery of the river bure.

The people who love horses know this sanctuary. They often visit this place for work related to the horse. People know it as Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Equine Veterinary.

Information About Redwings Aylsham

The location of this place is in the idyllic Norfolk countryside. It is home to almost 90 residents. It includes the real-life Black Beauty Maya donkey duo Wiggins and Wacko.

This horse sanctuary got a special accolade from Visit England in 2019. This award was for their magnificent welcome. Another thing happened with this place in April 2019.

They received a vote as the Muddy Stilettos Best Family Attraction in Norfolk. So there is no doubt that the visitors will feel at home with them.

This horse sanctuary remains open from 10 am to 4 pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It also remains open, including Bank Holidays.

It is the largest horse charity in the United Kingdom. It means the authority of this sanctuary cares for more rescued horses every day than anyone else.

The story of the journey to this place began with a small but committed group of people. They were desperate to make a difference in the country.

They started the journey of this horse shelter by rescuing a single pony called Sheba. They rescued her from a dealer, and her recovery inspired the formation of a sanctuary in 1984.

This sanctuary is the Redwings, dedicated to saving horses from a life of fear and neglect. It is now a registered charity from that work of one life-saving in the beginning.

The authority takes care of more than 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules at farms across the UK. They also have 500 horses living in Guardian homes through their rehoming program.

The headquarters of this horse sanctuary is still in Norfolk. But it operates all over the United Kingdom with its incredible rescue teams.

They work so hard to save horses and ponies. The teams rescued a majority of the residents of this place from a situation of abuse or neglect.

Redwings Aylsham has come a long way as a charity. It has come a long way because of the efforts of the team and their fellow welfare organizations.

But the dedicated group of people does not want to end their work. The help of more people is still necessary. It means this charity still needs support.

Redwings Aylsham
It is a symbolic photo, not a photo of a horse in Aylsham. Photo by Guillermo Mota on Unsplash

It will be easier to help horses in need with more people. Every pony, horse, donkey, and mule has the right to a happy and healthy life, without any doubt.

They have the right to a life free of fear and neglect. Redwings provide permanent specialized sanctuary care to more than 1,500 residents.

There is no probability of rehabilitation for the majority of them. It is due to their challenging veterinary needs and sympathetic handling requirements.

It is the result of the neglect that they have suffered. This sanctuary farm ensures horses can live in a loving place.

This sanctuary has a loving and safe environment, without any doubt. It is not very far from the Aylsham Garden Centre. This Garden Centre is also a famous place.

The horses here live out all year round in natural herds in this firm. It encourages them to exhibit their natural behavior and make friends.

This area of Aylsham is a good place for horses, without any doubt. This charity strives to be a leader in ethical training techniques for their horses.

It means removing the myths about horse behavior. It also includes throwing out terms from them, such as naughty or lazy.

Horses of this place are going back to basics and nature. They are doing it by understanding how and why horses behave in specific ways.

Horses live in herds as they can exhibit natural behaviors among friends. It helps to create social contact that helps to stable and manage the movements.

It helps to introduce the new residents to herds, the processes of worming and farriery. It also helps to right down to the design of horseboxes.

Often the team rescues mares in foal or orphaned foals. They take particular care with their weaning and socialization at the Sanctuary.

It is a particularly delicate time of a horse’s life. Authority handle it in a way to cause as little stress as possible.


The team of this Redwings Aylsham loves to help the horse in need. They also love to see their journey to recovery.

It is one of the most rewarding aspects of their work. They have a reputation for rescuing horses, without any doubt.

It does not mean that they always become successful in rescuing horses. Sometimes they fail to save the horse. But they try their best to do it.

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