Kuakata Beach: A Beautiful Place in Bangladesh


Kuakata is a town and tourist center in Patuakhali district in southwestern Bangladesh. It is in the Patuakhali district of Bangladesh.

Kuakata Beach is popular with tourists as the Daughter of the Sea. Kuakata is one of the most scenic beaches in Bangladesh, with an 18 km long beach.

Kuakata Beach
Image by Samim Hasan from Pixabay

It is the only beach in Bangladesh where sunrise and sunset can be visible. Its distance by road from Dhaka is 380 km and from Barisal 108 km.

Kuakata lies 70 km south of Patuakhali headquarters. Taltali and Amtali Upazila are very near to this beach. The name of the Kuakata has a history.

History of Kuakata

The arrival of Arakanese people in this country has a connection to them. The word kua comes from well. Arakanese people settled in the region after Mughal rulers expelled them from Burma.

It happened in the 18th century. Then, they dug many wells or pits to meet the lack of fresh water. As a result, the name of this region became Kuakata!


Kuakata is a pilgrimage site for Hindu and Buddhist communities. Countless devotees flock here during the Ras Poornima and Maghi Poornima festivals.

Pilgrims take holy baths in the bay. They also join in traditional fairs. The beach is next to a 100-year-old Buddhist temple. It houses a statue of Gautama Buddha and two 200-year-old wells.

Some More Information About Kuakata Beach

It is best to go to the garden area to watch the sunrise at Kuakata. The sunset is best visible from there. Many others like you will go there before you to see the sun rise over the sea.

It will take 20 minutes to walk to Jhowban in the morning. And it will take 10 minutes to go by van. Rows of trees would be nice there. The government created this forest under the Forestry Scheme.

For some, the sunset is more beautiful than the sunrise. You can see the color change as the sun sinks into the ocean. The sea roar is usually not heard during the day due to surrounding noise.

One can understand the sea’s terrible appearance at night. You can go there to hear the sea roar at night. There is no security fear there, but you must be careful. 

If you stay in a hotel near the beach, you can hear the roar from the hotel. The beach has motorbikes and horses for rent for visitors and adventure seekers.

The prices of these bikes depend on distance and time. There are several chars around Kuakata. You can go to see them by speedboats and trawlers or by motorboats.

Kuakata has several picnic spots around the beach. They have all the cooking facilities. From stove, chalk, heart, patil to cook. There are cruise ships and speed boats for tourist trips to the coast.

The tourists board these ships and trawlers. They wander in the deep sea, including Sundarbans. Many of them visit Fatra Char, Golden Char, and Katka.

They also visit Hansar Char, Gangamati Lake, and Sundarbans. They fill themselves with endless self-satisfaction. A cruise ship has good dining facilities.

Kuakata has a limited number of shops where you can buy your essentials and luxury items. Although the price is higher, you will get many new items. 

Rakhine countryside

Kuakata Beach is the tourist hub of Kalapara Upazila. It is a must-see for visitors. They come for the scenic views and the indigenous Rakhine monuments.

The Rakhine community has a tradition dating back almost two hundred years. You can see the mentionable statue of Gautam Buddha.

The country’s largest Buddhist temple is 10 km from Kuakata. It is in the Rakhine countryside. This meditative statue of Gautama Buddha is 36 feet tall and weighs 37 and a half manna.

Motorcycle is the mode of transportation from Kuakata. It is famous that the temple’s construction was beautiful. Chinese architecture followed it.

It looks like a temple in Thailand or Myanmar. The atmosphere inside the temple is solemn. The authorities displaced the Rakhine people from Arakan.

They crossed the sea under their king Maung. They settled first in Chittagong and later in this forested area of Patuakhali.

Build their habitat with their traditions and culture. The old government gave 3 acres to Rakhine members and 12 acres to their villages.

Ecoparks in Kuakata

The eco-park and national park have Coconut Kunj, Jhowban, and Gangamati. They are to the west. They also have Fatra Forest. On the east side is the Mahipur range forest area.

Planners developed these areas in the 60s. They are in an area of about 200 acres near the beach. The erosion of the sea has eroded the coconut groves. The erosion is continuing and unstoppable.

The Forest Department created a garden to the east on 15 hectares of sandy land. Standing on the beach of this garden at dusk is special.

It is especially true on a moonlit night. The view from the beach to the coconut groves is majestic. The bridge evokes an indelible heavenly appeal to the beholder.

During the day, the sea air is clear and salty. The wind makes an unbroken harmony. It brings an irresistible joy to the listener’s ears.


Shuntkipalli is another attraction to visit in Kuakata. There is a dry fish village where you can get various seafood.

The fishermen prepare Hilsa, Rupchanda, Shark, Laitya, and Shaplapata in the sun. Many species of fish dry out, and exporters send them abroad. 

Another experience is to see the process of making dry fish. Making changes in a large area accomplishes this.

Char Gangamati

Char Gangamati is another pretty tourist attraction. The location is 10 km east of Kuakata mainland. Here, you can enjoy the fascinating view of sunrise and sunset.

A visit to Gangamati Lake is unforgettable. The lake is clear with folded dunes that slope gently to the sea on one side. On the other side are vast forests across the plains.

The forest has many plant types: Keora, Gewa, Chaila, and Khaiya. It also has wild boars, forest roosters, and monkeys. Also near it is Boultalipara of Rakhines.


Kuakata Beach is a famous place to visit in southern Bangladesh. It has many things to offer to the people who visit, without any doubt.

If you have a probability to visit Bangladesh, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful beach. You can visit here comfortably with the help of the necessary travel app.

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