Butley Abbey Farmhouse: A Magnificent Place


There are many great places in the European country of the United Kingdom. Butley Abbey Farmhouse is one of these places, without any doubt.

The location of this farmhouse is in Butley. It is a village and civil parish. This village is in the English county of Suffolk. It lies 12 km east of Woodbridge town on the B1084 road.

There is no doubt about the beauty of the farmhouse that offers good times to the people who visit. The natural beauty of the surrounding of this place attracts people.

This place is near the coastal area of Suffolk and allows visitors to see the great view of the sea. Anyone who comes to stay in the farmhouse can enjoy the sunset and sunrise on the coast.

More About Butley Abbey Farmhouse

The area of the farmhouse has the surroundings of woods and fields. This place is a fine Georgian facade, without any doubt.

It gives a nice view of the large garden, tennis court, and croquet lawn. It has the meadow and woods beyond. The old farm buildings and the stately medieval Butley Priory gatehouse are behind.

It is not wrong to consider it as an island of peace and privacy. This place sits among the shelter of birdlife, reedbeds, and forests of East Suffolk.

There is no doubt about the natural beauty of this place. It has a unique importance as it has the surroundings of woods and fields.

The distance of this magnificent farmhouse from London is two hours. It offers a blissful retreat from a messy life of a man. It is a place with a fine Georgian fa├žade and impeccable English manners.

Visitors to this magnificent place can do many things here. They can walk around the garden and play tennis. It can give them enormous pleasure.

They also can explore the meadow and woods beyond. Guests of this magnificent farmhouse can wander at the Butley Creek estuary.

There is an ancient place named Oyster Inn where they can eat chicken burgers. Many people love to watch TV, and there are many smart TVs.

The Authority of this farmhouse provides superfast Wi-Fi. Guests can upload their photos to Instagram using this Wi-Fi. Guests will find an American-style fridge/freezer.

They will also see Alexa. They can ask Alexa whatever they want. Sofas are available in the sitting room, which is soft and squishy.

There are also soft and squishy drawing rooms and snug available. Bed linen is crisp and deep, without any doubt. It has many windows, and each one of these provides verdant views.

There are many things to discover in the forest around this place. Anyone can walk on the nearby beaches with their dogs. They can read books in this famous place and feed their soul.

Gardens And Grounds Of This Area

You will be able to know that you have reached English home by crunching your car tire on the gravel. Pick a parking spot for your car and drink in the views of a pristine paradise.

There are two-acre grounds in this area. This area is an example of Englishness and perfect for playing cricket.

Meadow and woodland are available in this area. The guests can enjoy the afternoon tea on the sun terrace with family and friends.

There are facilities for playing tennis on the immaculate all-weather court. Guests can play tennis before their teatime barbecue.

Living Spaces

Big groups of family and friends need a flexible place to live. The living spaces at Butley Abbey provide this flexibility.

Guests can choose their living space from three reception rooms. So they can be as sociable or solitary as the mood takes.

Butley Abbey Farmhouse
Photo by Cat Han on Unsplash

Guests can get the party mood going in the sitting room or retire with a book to the library. Whichever room they choose, they should not forget the logs.

There are open fires in all three, waiting to toast the toes of the guest and spark a little warm conversation.

All rooms have soft, comfortable luxury, with sashed floor-to-ceiling windows. These rooms also have homely rugs and views across the parklands.


This place can offer an excellent time to the people, without any doubt. People in the United Kingdom love to stay here with their family and friends.

There are many things to explore in Butley Abbey. The natural beauty of this farm can generate great feelings in the mind of the visitors.

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