Brickyard Fishery: A Gift of Nature to Anglers


Fishing is a favorite activity of the people living in the island country named the UK. It is a type of famous activity and offers some peaceful and relaxing time.

People living in this country love it for these reasons, without any doubt. They visit the places like the Brickyard Fishery for relaxing moments.

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This fishing site in North Yorkshire does not frustrate anyone, without any doubt. It has many things to offer and tries to please the anglers with this offering.

This fantastic site for catching fish is in the area named Ripon. It is a famous cathedral city in North Yorkshire County of the United Kingdom.

More Information About Brickyard Fishery

A fact is that it is a former clay pit and associated brickworks dating back to the 1880s. There was an old farmer named Brian. He formed three separate lakes from it in 1990.

He turned these lakes into a great coarse fishing lake. Mr. Brians retired in the year of 2019. The owners decided to renovate and update the site and re-stock after his retirement.

Brickyard Lake is on the Ripon to Thirsk Road is 3 miles out of Ripon. If you come from the A1, you are only 1.5 miles from junction 50 on the Ripon side.

The authority erected an Otter-proof fence around the whole site. They sunk it 500mm into the ground to prevent the pesky critters from entering the venue.

The authority created a drainage system around most of the perimeter. It prevents fertiliser-rich runoff from the surrounding farmland.

The owners give each pond its name and re-stocked it with coarse fish. They planted grass and wildflowers in the surrounding area.

Brickyard Fishery
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The banks also have hundreds of native trees and shrubs. The ponds of this area support a thriving population of animals and wildflowers.

The authority of this site is doing many new works. This type of work will encourage this to develop and establish without question. The owners of this site are very good people.

There are good facilities available for car parking on this site. It is a good facility as many anglers visit this venue in their car. Two types of car parks are available there.

These are the upper members-only car park and lower general admission car park. It consists of a purpose-built toilet block, two gent’s toilets, and one lady’s.

These toilets have wash basins and cold running water. This block has an honesty box that is a day ticket system. It also has a site location plan on the outside wall.

There are three lakes available in this venue of North Yorkshire County. These lakes are Dobbits Pond, Merkwood Pond, and Gandelfs Carp Lake.

Dobbits Pond is generally coarse fishing water and has a large stock with many fish. It has lots of mirrors and common carp. It also has Bream, Roach, Rudd, and Perch.

The name of the second water reservoir is Merkwood Pond. The management team decided to keep this pond a general coarse lake with much less focus on carp.

It has already sheltered of Bream and Roach with a smattering of Tench and Barble. The owners have moved many of the carp into Gandelf’s lake and will continue to do this.

The name of the third pool is the Gandelfs Carp Lake. The management team devotes this water to large carp. The existing stock is between 12 lbs and 28 lbs in this pond.


Some good people manage this property. They love to serve the anglers with dedication. They have great expertise in fishing and are ready to help the anglers.

It is possible to say that this magnificent venue offers some ideal time for fishing. It welcomes all anglers, including experts and beginners.

A memorable time is waiting for every fish lover in this great venue, without any doubt. Many anglers know that and love to visit often.

The location of this beautiful site for catching fish has the touch of majestic nature. This venue in North Yorkshire attracts many people from different areas by its beauty.

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