5 Interesting Facts about Cappadocia: A Heavenly Place


In Turkey, there is a magnificent region of the planet called Cappadocia. Sometimes unusual things are astonishing. This place is one of those kinds, without any doubt.

The strange topography of this majestic place is what gives it its allure. It is good to know the facts about Cappadocia before you go.

amazing facts about Cappadocia
Photo by Timur Garifov on Unsplash

I doubt you will ever find a site like this because of its peculiar beauty. Because of its majestic appearance, you can refer to its scenery as a “Moonscape.”

You may never get the opportunity to travel to another planet. But if you visit this land, it will make you forget that you are still on Earth.

I want to write about this unique place on our planet in this post. There is no doubt that Türkiye is a beautiful country with rich culture and history. This place is an example of that beauty.

5 Facts About Cappadocia

There are some curious facts about Cappadocia that people may want to know. Let’s discuss these facts about this beautiful place.

1. Visit Cappadocia to See Heavenly Beauty

The Persian word ‘Katpaktukya’ is the origin of Cappadocia. The Persian word Katpaktukya means land of beautiful horses. In ancient times, the region was famous for its horse ridings.

Horses are one of the main reasons locals call this place their home. This majestic land is in the middle area of Anatolia in Turkey.

This astonishing land of Türkiye is one of the great tourist destinations and historical land, without any doubt. It has many distinctive physical features and spectacular views, without any doubt.

In the summer, the sun rises here at about 4:30 am, and the scenery is breathtaking. The sky remains adorned with hundreds of hot air balloons, and the hues usually change from orange to beige.

Anyone may lose himself in this sight and forget about the outside world. A piece of information about Cappadocia is that it will not let you down if you are a lover of viewpoints.

Its uneven terrain makes it simple to locate elevated locations. You may relax for hours and take in the scenery in these locations.

majestic cappadocia
Photo by Musab Al Rawahi on Unsplash

There is the Goreme Sunset Point, Uchisar Castle, and Three Sister Rock Panorama Point. The Red Valley Sunset Point is the most mentionable viewpoint of Cappadocia.

People travel here for wedding photoshoots because the last one is so stunning. It is a place that remains attractive all year long, not in the summer.

The fact that it snows here throughout the winter can surprise anyone. The weather in Cappadocia is erratic, and it has even become famous for snowfall in March!

The image that will win your heart is this one. Even if you spend a week in this majestic land, you won’t even begin to scratch the surface.

This is the truth about Cappadocia. The red, love, rose, the Ihlara and the pigeon valley are a few of the many valleys in this magnificent land.

Horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking are great things to do here. Many people do these things to enjoy their time here.

Many people want to know whether this place is in Europe or Asia. The region is in the center of Anatolia on the Asiatic continent of Turkey.

So there is no doubt that it is in the great continent of Asia. It is one of the valuable facts about Cappadocia, without any doubt.

2. History of Cappadocia

Demolition workers invented a new site in Nevsehir province at the time of digging. It consists of a network of open spaces such as rooms and tunnels.

Workers explored many underground settlements in this place. It includes galleries, hidden churches, waterways, living rooms, fountains, and kitchens.

It also includes stairways, even cellars, and landfills. This wonderful place is a unique natural attraction with great historical significance. You can visit this place to see it with your eye.

Government officials said that the features and size of the discovery are enormous. It could be larger than the Derinkuyu, the largest excavated underground city in the area.

This place is one of the tourist capitals of Turkey due to its rocky terrain, unique culture, and history. Visit Cappadocia to discover its architectural and natural beauty.

It is because it has breathtaking natural beauty and excellent flight conditions. This great land is one of the most well-known locations for hot air balloon rides.

The history of this beautiful place dates back to prehistoric times and the Bronze Age. It was a path of Hatti culture (2500-2000 BC).

In the second millennium BC, Hittites settled in the region. Soon the Assyrians (2000-1800 BC) established their trading posts.

And the Phrygians ruled this wonderful place from 1250 BC. Persians expelled Lydians in the middle of the 6th century BC who was the ruler until 334 BC.

In AD 17, the region became a Roman province. Romans built trade, urban centers, military routes, and settlements.

Once Asia Minor came under Christianity, the first Christian communities arrived in Cappadocia. The others who faced persecution for their religious beliefs became refugees.

Basilius the Great, bishop of Caesarea, was a significant figure in the history of this land. He inspired to build of many religious colonies.

An active monastic life throughout the region prevailed for thousands of years. This movement ended with the invasion of Mongolia and Turkmenistan. Then the Seljuks and the Ottomans ended it.

The village of Göreme serves as the main tourist center of this historical region. In this village still live a few people who are ancestors of early settlers of Cappadocia.

This place was the covering place for Christians during the Arab invasions. Christians of that time named Göreme, which means you can’t see here.

The Göreme Open Air Museum represents well-known religious complexes throughout the region. The UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 listed it along with other rock sites in the area.

3. Hot Air Balloon Rides in Cappadocia

Hot air balloons in mysterious land are becoming one of the most common travel list items. If you visit this place, I can assure you that your journey will not go in vain.

Every year more than half a million people enjoy hot air balloon rides in this great land. It is an incredible number, without any doubt.

It makes the region one of the warmest balloon destinations in the world. Over 100 balloons are floating over the historic cave shelter in Goreme.

Cappadocia in Turkey
Photo by Timur Garifov on Unsplash

It is not difficult to see why you should float at sunrise, and it is not comparable to a simple fairy tale scene. The beauty of this place becomes a fairy tale place in summer.

It becomes more beautiful in winter. The warm nights, clear skies, and cool breezes are the best times for the hot air balloon ride.

To view the main attractions in this majestic land, you may need at least two days. The weather can hamper the balloon ride. Two mornings need for this reason.

4. The Best Month to Visit This Majestic Land

The end of April to June, and September and October, are the ideal months to visit the majestic place of Türkiye.

The days are warm, the evenings remain cold, and there isn’t much chance of rain throughout these months.

There may be a lot of wind during the first several weeks of April. This wind has enough power to hamper balloon rides.

5. Is Istanbul close to Cappadocia?

If you want to visit this magnificent place, you are likely starting your journey in Istanbul. But, Türkiye is a big country, and this land is not exactly close to Istanbul.

The distance between Istanbul and this great land is a whopping 735 kilometers. So it takes about 9 hours to drive between the two historical places.


One of the most well-known natural wonders is the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia. It is famous for its extraordinary rock formations and hot air balloon ride.

Without any doubt, spending a vacation in this place is worthwhile. A great truth about Cappadocia is that no other place on the planet is like it.

The Goreme cave cathedrals and the underground city are the primary sights to see. Many people visit this place of the Türkiye for this reason.

It is also famous for cave hotels and hiking trails. It is a must-see destination for those interested in nature, history, and culture.

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