Woolwich Poly Sixth Form: Important Facts To Know


There are many great Sixth Form polytechnic that serves the United Kingdom. Woolwich Poly Sixth Form is one of these polytechnics, which helps to build an expert nation.

Many students read in this educational institution as it provides high-quality education. The teachers of this polytechnic are experts, without any doubt.

It is a great academy that aims to serve and improve opportunities for the community. It reflects the community through a diverse and ambitious curriculum.

It also reflects the community through the diverse staff and student bodies. This educational institution tries to generate specialness in the mind of its visitors.

More Information About Woolwich Poly Sixth Form

This educational institution has a long and proud history. It helped to educate local students for over 100 years. It was a technical school and the most famous school in the country.

It was a community school, and now it is an academy. It is also now the founding ‘brother’ to sister school. The name of the sister school is Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls.

The students achieve success through a quality education which makes their parents proud. The teachers of this academy give their relentless focus to the students.

students in Woolwich Poly Sixth Form
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They counsel the students to become the most successful version of themselves. It is evident in year-on-year increases in students accessing courses at Oxbridge.

Woolwich Polytechnic Sixth Form has a vision. This vision is Success for Everyone. It applies to the whole school community, without any doubt.

This academy has a belief that learning is infinite, without any doubt. Having an open mind to learning new things is valuable. It is also the belief of this academy.

It is valuable to both academic progress and personal development. It doesn’t matter what age or stage on your educational journey.

The people and their relationship with them are their greatest asset and resource. People are the heart of the success of this notable educational academy.


Francis Didden was a man who was an early student at the Royal Polytechnic Institution. He moved to Woolwich for a job as a fitter at the Royal Arsenal in 1884.

This man also had a burning ambition to set up a Polytechnic in Woolwich. In 1884, the area of Woolwich had a total population of about 34,000 people.

Many of them were engineers at the Royal Arsenal. And many of them were also workers at other large factories in the area. Woolwich had many slums despite its industries.

Many jobs offered little or no security, and drunkenness was widespread. A lack of dissolute habits and education prevented people from developing themselves.

Francis Didden saw a polytechnic as a way forward. In 1886, he asked Hogg for support to build a polytechnic. The reply of Hogg was illuminating.

Francis Didden campaigned to build the Polytechnic with high dedication. A man named T.A. Denny was a Woolwich bacon merchant.

This man provided most of the £1,000 needed to buy a house in William Street. It is now famous as Calderwood Street among people. He did it in the year of 1890.

The Polytechnic started its journey by offering 38 courses to 504 students in 1981. Didden ensured a supporting and social side in the institution.

He did it to attract and reform the habits of members. The addition of the Woolwich Polytechnic Junior Technical School for Boys happened. The year 1912 was its time of establishment.

It became the responsibility of the London County Council in the year 1956. It then became famous as the Woolwich Polytechnic Boys School.

In 1974 it got recognition as a six-form entry comprehensive school spread over two sites. In the year 1997, the school became a Technology College.

The school maintained a presence in Woolwich up to 1999. Authority granted the school a sixth form in 2011. And now it was the largest all-boys 11-16 comprehensive in England.

Exam results improved, and it became one of the most improved boys’ schools in England in 2010. It is one of the most valuable educational institutions in England, without any doubt.

It is one of the longest-standing, Ofsted-rated, outstanding schools in the United Kingdom. It achieved the Ofsted badge and held it since the year 2011.

The school also received Ofsted Outstanding for Behaviour in 2016. This polytechnic school converted to academy status on 1 August 2014.


Thousands of students completed their education in this academy and achieved success. There is no doubt that it provides high-quality education.

It has an excellent reputation for its pastoral care and provision of education. The authority wants everyone to feel welcomed, heard, seen, valued, and supported.

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