Visit Poveglia Island: A Haunted Island in Italy

All of a sudden, it will seem like a wonderful magical city is calling you by the hand. Seeing the blue water all around will make your eyes dazzle.

It seems that you have come to an island of fantasy. It may seem as if someone is lightly touched by the sea breeze. But this island is known to all as Nijhum island.

If you go a little further from the island, you will be chased by the sound of moaning rather than the beauty of the island. There is an unknown panic and fear spread around.

No one wants to land on the island out of fear. The air is like thousands of years old tears are accumulated in this island. Today’s article is about the unknown story of how the island became cursed and haunted by all.

A small island located between Venice and Lido in Italy. Located in the lagoon St. Mark’s Square, this island is known as ‘Poveglia Venice’ or Poveglia Island. The 17-acre island of Poveglia has many ghost stories surrounding it.

The first settlement was established on this island in 421 AD. The rulers were not strict in this island. Nor was the burden of taxes or the hassle of law courts so great.

As a result, the inhabitants of the island continued to live happily and peacefully for several centuries. By the 9th century, the island’s population had grown and so had its importance.

At this time the island was under the Podesta rulers. This island was a wonderful green land of natural beauty.

And that is why a bloody war was fought between the Venetians and the Genoese in the 14th century for the possession of this island.

A lot of cannon and gun shots were used in the war, the sound of which still echoes in the island or in the thick darkness of the night. The islanders began to leave the area.

The Venetian government won the battle that day. As the island became uninhabited, the Venetian government offered the monks of Camandlis to live on the island.

But the monks rejected the proposal. Later, five octagonal canals were built around the island and the entrance to the island was guarded and controlled by soldiers.

In the 18th century, the island was built as a temporary harbor for ships from various countries. It was then used as a shipping port. Since then, the story of the island’s curse began to unfold.

The year 1348 was a year of terror for the inhabitants of the island of Poveglia, a year of painful sighs. Because bubonic plague broke out in two ships anchored in the island at that time and two people infected with the disease died.

But work and guests are not diverted here. Gradually the plague epidemic spread to the surrounding areas. Hundreds of people died. After treatment failed, the port was finally sealed, leaving Poveglia deserted.

Later, when the plague spread like an epidemic in various cities of Italy, plague victims were sent to the humble, uninhabited island of Poveglia.

Patients wait for death on that deserted island. As a result, the island gradually became an evacuation center for infected patients.

Later, 160,000 people were burned alive on the island by a cruel order of the Italian government, worried about the increasing number of patients. Since then, thousands of skeletons of dead people are scattered around the island.

Since then Poveglia has been known as Mritupuri or Island of Dead. The brutal act of burning so many people alive at once made the island mysterious without anyone knowing.

It has since become a legendary island. Many believe that the unsatisfied souls of those who died return to this island.

In the 20th century, the island was once again cleared of ships, but the island is no longer frozen like before. Around 1922, the Italian government decided to build a psychiatric hospital in the area for mental patients.

But it was not possible to keep the hospital running for long. Hospital doctors, nurses and other working people did not want to work in the hospital. After working for a few days, they would leave the hospital and go elsewhere.

According to some doctors and nurses, they constantly get the feeling of someone invisible. Every moment suppressed panic and fear worked in their minds.

They were reluctant to work in such a hostile environment. Also, hospitalized psychiatric patients tend to become deranged rather than cured.

Then this deserted island was closed to tourists. Although the island has been closed for a long time, an American presenter visits the island.

He created a thriller series for American television about the island and the Forbidden Hospital, in which he chronicled many terrifying ghostly experiences on the island.

Now the deserted island consists of only a monastery and cowshed. And there are invisible unsatisfied souls. No other ships anchor on this island.

Italy’s tourism authorities still ban travel to the island. If one wishes to travel to this island, he must take permission from the appropriate authorities. It is a huge preparation.

Strange horror stories spread around the abandoned hospital on the island. The accumulated cries of countless people over the centuries echo forever around the lonely, silent island of Poveglia. In the forest, on the road, here and there lay the skeletons of dead people.

Looking at the island of Poveglia from far away in the night, even the captain of the burning ship trembled. A question that arouses fear in everyone’s mind – who lives there? The island of death beckons everyone who comes around.