Al Dar Island: A Beautiful Place of Bahrain


Al Dar Island is an attractive place in the Persian Gulf. The Gulf of Persia, often known as the Arabian Gulf, is the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Western Asia.

Between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean sea is an extension of the Indian Ocean. The Strait of Hormuz connects it to the Gulf of Oman in the east.

al dar island swimming
Photo by Afsal Shaji on Unsplash

Shatt al-Arab river delta formed the northwest shoreline of the Gulf of Persia. In this article, I want to write something about this magnificent island.

There is no doubt that Bahrain is a beautiful country in Western Asia. This island is a perfect example of beauty. Let’s know the details about this land in the Gulf of Persia.

Things to Know about Al Dar Island

These islands are a series of resort islands in an archipelago near Sitra. This spot is 12 kilometers southeast of the capital, Manama.

The dhow harbor Sitra port is a ten-minute offshore trip from Al Dar Island Resort. Jet skiing, snorkeling, and other water sports are available at the resort.

It is a popular tourist destination and famous for its beautiful beaches. It also has crystal clear waters and marine life. Various hut housing sites with BBQs are available in this location. 

The huts have palm leaves, electric fans, and an outlet inside. There is a shop named Jack & Joe’s. 

Visitors can take the test of fantastic burgers in this land. There is Chicken, Beef, Veg, and the Grouper Fish sandwich to eat. 

The owners of this fast-food outlet also serve Salad boxes, olives, and weekend specials. This land has many things to offer to its visitors, without any doubt.

Oh! Chocolate, chips, popcorn, and other bites are available at the Snack shop. It is possible to enjoy a good time in this spot for this food.

The people who manage this resort always try to please people during their visit. Many people of Bahrain love to visit this area because of this reason.

Anyone can enjoy time with loved ones in this spot. A short vacation at the resort is the ideal way to build relationships with loved ones.

It is also a perfect place to relax in a tranquil setting at one of Bahrain’s most beautiful spots. Of all Bahrain’s natural beaches, this beach resort offers one of the cleanest lands.

It gives a mix of exciting adventure activities and sightseeing opportunities. It is possible to enjoy Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in this attractive spot.

It offers boat transportation to the other island. And the most one-way drive of ten minutes from Sitra fishing port.

It also offers six attractive beach chalets facing the beach on the far north end. It is separate from the vibrant southern part of the resort.

The chalets offer adorned living spaces with an air-conditioned and furnished interiors. It also has a private outdoor balcony and a small attachment outside the kitchen.

A valuable piece of information about this island is that it is not a natural island. Humans made this land in the Persian Gulf. The main aim behind its creation is the recreation of people.

It means it is a place for picnicking, camping, and other recreational activities. This famous place of crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches is accessible by boat.

Many people visit this location to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. Some people love to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Persian Gulf.

There is a beach park and play area for children as many people come with their children.

If anyone has an interest in fishing in the Gulf of Persia, they can do it. There are boat rental facilities for fishing.


There are many attractive locations in the middle eastern country named Bahrain. This scenic spot of the Persian gulf is one of these locations, without any doubt.

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