Alternative to Tulum: Bacalar Is A New Trending Destination


There are many majestic places to visit in the North American country of Mexico, without any doubt. One of them is Bacalar which is famous as the alternative to Tulum.

The Mexican peninsula Yucatan is a popular travel destination. It has year-round warm weather with lots of sun and fantastic bathing opportunities.

It attracts travelers from all over the world to eastern Mexico. Vacation spots like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are no favorites.

From Germany, there are even cheap direct flights from several airports to Cancun. But it is no longer popular with Americans who want the winter holidays.

Alternative to Tulum
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It was long famous as an alternative to mass tourism. These tourist spots are losing their charm for more and more vacationers.

Many people want to experience a more authentic Mexico away from the tourist crowds. Thus they are drawn to alternative destinations in the Yucatan.

One of them has now also become a trend on Tiktok. It is a quiet and relaxed town of Bacalar is far to the south of the region.

Swimming in The Laguna De Bacalar

The so-called Laguna de Bacalar, a lake, is famous as the highlight. The lake attracts tourists with its crystal clear turquoise water.

It is not without reason that it is famous as Laguna de los seven colors in Spanish. It comes to the most beautiful places for a beach holiday in the world.

Bacalar doesn’t have to hide, thanks to the Laguna. A merger of seven cenotes created the lake. Cenotes are the famous karst caves filled with very clear groundwater.

Some cenotes have large openings that allow daylight to flow through. Others cenotes remain completely sealed like a cave.

Anyone traveling in the Yucatan should visit at least one of these caves. These caves are visible throughout the peninsula – but more on that later.

Since the lake has no beach, it is best to use the bathing areas equipped with jetties. Some of the hotels on-site have access to the Laguna.

But even if your accommodation does not have a jetty, you don’t have to worry.

There are many public bathing spots that often only cost between a few cents and a few euros. Swimming in the beautiful waters of the lake is worth the money.

Other Activities at The Laguna

Swimming in the turquoise blue water becomes boring at some point. There are other unique activities at the Laguna de Bacalar to do.

For example, many hotels offer boat tours and the opportunity to rent kayaks or SUP boards. They also rent other sports equipment.

Alternative to Tulum
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There is also the possibility of booking tours through other providers. Another must-do for travelers is to watch the sunrise over the lake.

It will give you the joy of traveling to a place alternative to Tulum. So bad news for late risers: Seen from Bacalar, the sun only rises over the Laguna de Bacalar and does not set.

Bacalar Town, Which Is An Alternative to Tulum

Even if Bacalar is small, only a few thousand inhabitants live there. Take some time for the place itself. Its location is not on the Caribbean coast.

Bacalar exudes a very relaxed atmosphere. It offers a mixture of Mexican charm and Caribbean serenity, without any doubt.

The Secretariat for Tourism in Mexico included the place in the list of the so-called Pueblo Mágico. The streets of Bacalar have colorful, very artistic graffiti.

It makes a simple stroll through the town a great experience. Travelers will discover a lot in this place. Of course, many cafes and restaurants are worth a visit.

But do not be averse to Mexican food with Caribbean influences. People of this place still offer authentic and local dishes.

In the Mayan era, Bacalar was a valuable city in the empire of that time. You can still find remains of the Mayan civilization in the place today.

The Spaniards occupied Bacalar during the colonial period. You will find some evidence of this era there. The small Fort San Felipe de Bacalar is one of them.

Fuerte de San Felipe

The fortress was architecture in the first half of the 18th century. The aim of building this fortress is to protect Bacalar from pirate raids. Nowadays, you can visit them for a small price.

There is a manageable museum inside the fort. You will also find the colorful lettering of the city name.

It is a type of Mexican tourist city. Travelers don’t have to plan too much time for the small fortress.

But you shouldn’t miss the beautiful view from the fortress walls over the Laguna de Bacalar. This place is an example of why people call this area of Mexico an alternative to Tulum.

Excursion to Cenote Azul

As promised, we come back to the topic of cenotes. Only a few kilometers from Bacalar is a so-called Cenote Azul.

The cenote is famous as one of the deepest cenotes in Mexico. It is one of those that are not at all cave-like, but it is still worth a trip there.

Holidaymakers can swim in the clear water. The following applies to all cenotes in Mexico. If you want to swim, you should avoid sunscreen as much as possible.

Image by Joaquín Enríquez from Pixabay

The ecosystem of the caves can be the victim of damage by the ingredients in the sunscreen. Besides the possibility of swimming in the cenote, it is also possible to jump into the water.

There is also a swing that you can use to swing across the water. For anyone who likes to post a photo of their trip on social media, this is quite a spot.

Admission to the Cenote Azul near Bacalar costs only 25 Mexican pesos, which is a little more than one euro. Bacalar is a majestic alternative to Tulum, and you can visit this place.

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