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The Valley of Flower Trek is vast and full of meadows. It became a national park in 1982. It is a popular spot for adventurers and nature lovers.

It shelters many endangered species. These include rare animals, like the Asiatic black bear, musk bear, and snow leopard. The red fox, brown bear, and blue sheep are also visible.

It even has some birds, such as the Himalayan Monal Pheasant. The trek is famous for its walk in the monsoon in the scenic Uttarakhand Himalayas.

How to Enjoy the Great Valley of Flowers Trek in Uttarakhand
Photo by Lay Naik on Unsplash

See the grand valleys of Uttarakhand during the monsoon. The Flowers Valley trek will rejuvenate you. You will appreciate the time spent on your journey.

The valley has more than just flowers. It leads through a gorge with many rivers. After a tiresome trek, your heart will beat fast. The trail is thrilling. It is in the spectacular valley.

Trekkers can feel the sensation. It brings compensation and satisfaction. It will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trek provides a sense of completion.

You will feel the achievement of reaching it. Anyone can have a heart-melting experience there. So, these features make this place remarkable and worth visiting.

Most famous flowers found in the Valley of Flowers

Himalayan Bellflower: These flowers are bell-shaped. They are usually blue and are unique to the valley.

Himalayan Blue Poppy- 

It is one of the flowers that stands out in the valley. It hits the spot and looks different from the other flowers. Its petals are deep blue, and it has stamens with gold.

Himalayan Cimicifuga- The flowers are pink. They are small. They have a fantastic smell. It makes them a famous pick for tourists.

Brahma Kamal- 

The rare and exquisite flower, known as the ‘King of Himalayan Flowers,’ is famous for its beauty. The flower is of pure white color and has a unique shape, making it the best flower among all others.

Himalayan Primrose- The flowers are very dainty. You can find shades of pink, white, and purple. It adds a delicate touch to the valley.

Himalayan Balsam- 

The flowers are very bright and colorful. They have many shades, from pink to deep red. They grow in large numbers around the valley. They are a good choice for guests.

Some tips to trek in Valley of Flowers

Upgrade your fitness level- 

Hiking at high altitudes is tough. It tests your strength. So, build endurance, stamina, and strength with the right exercises. 

Get accustomed- 

Get used to body processes to handle high altitudes easily. Participants must spend a few days at high altitudes to get used to the thin air.

You can do this by staying at Govindghat or Joshimath for one day before the trek. Without confusion or hurry, you can adapt to the environment. You can also be ready for the trial.

Carry the required amount of food and water- The trail to this Valley of Flowers is long. Stay hydrated and fuel the whole journey.

Bring water and snacks, like dry fruits, energy bars, and nuts. They will keep your energy up so you can finish the trek without issues.

And they are easy to follow. You can join a trekking group for beginners and first-timers. They can support you on the trek with navigation.

They will give you details about the local culture in the villages and the environment. One must always be safe and follow all the instructions of the team leader or the trek guide.

How to reach

By Bus- 

Frequent buses go from Delhi to Haridwar or Rishikesh. They are available for you. The journey will take 6-7 hours. This time depends on traffic and the route. 

You can get your tickets from the ISBT, which is in Delhi. By Train- Many trains go from Delhi to Haridwar or Rishikesh. The trip takes 4-6 hours. 

The time may depend on the route and the train. The famous trains include Jan Shatabdi Express, Shatabdi Express, and Mussoorie Express.


By flight, you can take direct flights from Mumbai to Dehradun. It is 35 KM from Haridwar and 20 KM from Rishikesh. From reaching the airport, you can hire a cab or a taxi to visit the trek location.

By Train- Unfortunately, there are no trains from Mumbai to Haridwar or Rishikesh. You can take a train to Delhi. 

Then, get on a second train to Haridwar or Rishikesh. The travel journey takes 24-28 hours, which is quite long and depends on the routes.


You must embark on scenic beauty. You will experience it once in a lifetime. It offers stunning views of valleys and the smell of unique flowers. Do not forget to pack your bags and prepare for the journey.

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