Lake Gilles Conservation Park: A Beautiful Site in Australia


Lake Gilles Conservation Site is a beautiful protected area. It is in the Australian state of South Australia. It is north of the Eyre Peninsula, about 20 kilometers east of Kimba.

This beautiful spot is in the gazetted locality of Lake Gilles. On 30 September 1971, the authority proclaimed Lake Gilles a conservation site.

Lake Gilles Conservation Park
user:Diceman, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

They also declared it a national park. The former National Parks Act of 1966 established it. On 27 April 1972, they renamed the site Lake Gilles Conservation Park.

It followed the proclamation of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. This site became famous as the Lake Gilles Conservation Reserve on 5 August 2010.

More Information About Lake Gilles

Under the state’s Crown Lands Act 1929, they dedicated it as a conservation reserve on 9 December 1994. They also added another parcel of crown land.

As of 2014, the state’s Mining Act of 1971 permits access. The authority also gives access under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000.

This access only applies to the extent of the Lake Gilles water body. Sparse and semi-arid mallee landscape makes up this fantastic conservation area.

Low sandy rises and isolated stony hills surround the saline lake. Gypsum dunes also surround it. The serene environment is perfect for watching birdlife in the park.

The Eyre High­way pass­es through the park and has 2WD vehi­cle access to the lake. Please note, the north­ern area adja­cent to Gilles is acces­si­ble only by 4WD.

This famous place is about 100km southwest of Port Augusta. You can access it via the Eyre Highway.  The area has some great walking spots and peaceful campsites.

Lake Gilles
Podargus strigoidesCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Some areas have many calcite and gypsum crystals and good information signs. The nearby gypsum mine is a reason for this.

Bring binoculars and a camera to appreciate the abundant birdlife of this area. When hiking, wear sturdy shoes, a hat, and sunscreen.

Be aware of weather conditions and avoid walking during the hottest part of the day. Make sure you have appropriate weatherproof clothing.

Carry enough water to be self-sufficient. Please be respectful of other users at all times. Stay on the designated trails and connector tracks for your safety.

It also prevents the spread of declared weeds to other areas in the park. Ensure someone knows your approximate location and expected time of return.

Always let someone responsible know your travel plans. It is valuable when traveling to remote areas. It is good to let them know when you expect to return.

Check the weather forecast on Nehrin Weather. Look at overnight temperatures before you leave. Even during mild weather, the nights can get very cold.

Parks cannot guarantee the quality and quantity of water. Please bring plenty of water and food to be self-sufficient. Always camp in des­ig­nat­ed sites.

Do not camp beneath trees with over­hang­ing branch­es, as they can drop with­out warn­ing. It is also a good idea to check that there are no insect nests.

Check to make sure you’re not camp­ing in a nat­ur­al water­way; flash floods can hap­pen anytime. If you want to have campfires, please bring your firewood.

National Parks prohibit the collection of firewood. Extinguish your campfire with water, not sand or dirt, until the hissing sound stops.

Be familiar with the fire restrictions for this site. Leave your pets at home. Do not feed birds or other animals. It promotes aggressive behavior and an unbalanced ecology.

Lake Gilles
WikipedianCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do not bring generators, chainsaws, or firearms into this spot. Leave the park as you found it. There are no bins available in this national park.

Please visit this place with preparation to take your rubbish with you. You must follow the road rules. Learn to respect the geological and heritage sites.

Do not remove native plants from this spot. Be considerate of other park users. The 2016 Australian census reports that this had no residents. They conducted it in August.

The location of this lake is within the Federal Division of Grey. It is in the state electoral district of Giles. It is also in the District Council of Kimba.

It is in the Pastoral Unincorporated Area of South Australia. It is also part of the Far North region of the state. It is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences.

It makes it well worth a visit. You can visit this place with your family and friends to have some memorable times if you live nearby.


Australia has many beautiful and ideal places to enjoy good times. There is no doubt that Australia is one of the biggest countries on the planet earth.

It has many explored and unexplored forest that has enormous natural beauty. Lake Gilles is one of these types of spot that offers many things with its beauty.

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