Great Holiday Destination for Good Health


Have you ever had to torture yourself on a mountain holiday? It is because you’ve got high blood pressure. Or, have your heart problems been worse in the tropics?

Have they been worse than enjoying dream beaches? Many people suffer from health problems, such as allergies, asthma, and thyroid problems.

They also suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems. They’ve got rheumatism or skin problems like neurodermatitis.

But there is good news: If you’re one of them, you can get some relief by choosing the Great Holiday Destination.

We’ll show you which places and regions are especially suitable for which complaints. We’ll do this according to doctors.

Great Holiday destinations for asthma and allergies

It’s clear: People with asthma or allergies love the sea. There is no pollen there. Besides, asthma guidelines say that salty, moist air helps clear the respiratory tract.

We particularly recommend a mild Mediterranean climate. Or the so-called stimulating climate on the North Sea. It refers to the sea’s combination of salty air, wind, and sun.

Great Holiday Destination
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It’s said to challenge the immune system but also strengthen it. Pollen is only high in the low mountains during spring and summer.

So, save the Alps for your summer vacation. However, if you have asthma, you should avoid high altitudes. They are above 1500 meters and have less oxygen.

People with asthma or allergies should not travel to places with high pollution. It means that a city trip is not ideal for your health.

Holiday destinations for people with thyroid problems

In general, experts recommend the sea for people with thyroid disease. It is ideal for those with iodine deficiency. It is partly because of the iodine-rich air.

But, if you are very sensitive, the North Sea climate may be a big problem. Feel more comfortable in the Baltic Sea. Do you have an overactive thyroid?

Then, we’ve advised against going to high mountains. The air there has little oxygen. You will also not enjoy hot, humid destinations, like the tropics, since you probably sweat a lot.

A mild climate with little temperature change is good for you. It’s great for a summer holiday, for example, in the south of Scandinavia.

Holiday destinations for people with high blood pressure and circulatory problems

Perhaps it won’t surprise you. The sea seems to be a cure, even for people with blood pressure or heart problems.

But, avoid extreme heat and not lie on the beach in the midday or early afternoon sun. If you want to enjoy your vacation, leave the highest peaks to others.

But do not worry. You can conquer the mountains up to 1500 meters with ease. Dr. Christoph Specht says that cardiovascular patients do better at medium altitudes.

They also do better by the sea. He said this in an RTL News interview. The Austrian magazine says people with high blood pressure enjoy 1,000 to 1,500 meters above sea level.

They enjoy it. At these heights, blood pressure drops a bit on its own. A low mountain holiday would be ideal for you in the Black Forest, Bavarian Forest, or Harz.

Hot and humid weather has the opposite effect and causes blood pressure to rise. Do not hesitate to avoid tropical travel destinations. Also, avoid deserts.

They have large temperature swings. Extreme cold is common in northern Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle. It also strains your body.

Holiday destinations for rheumatoid arthritis

It is no secret that older people have rheumatism. They like it warm and prefer to spend the winter in southern Europe. Why?

Because warm and dry weather is much better for people with rheumatism. It is better than the weather in the North Sea area and the Baltic Sea.

Rheumatism specialists recommend traveling to the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. They say to go outside in the hot summer months. They also recommend the mountains.

If you love mountains, a climate of 1,200 to 2,000 meters is ideal in late spring and summer. The same is true at 400 to 700 meters in late spring, summer, and early autumn.

How about travel destinations? For example, the Berchtesgaden, Allgäu, or Chiemgau Alps. Or the Black Forest?

destinations for skin problems such as neurodermatitis

If you suffer from neurodermatitis, we have good news for you: you can also go to the seaside! Ideally, you can stay at the sea for several weeks.

According to, a trip to the mountains can also help. The mountains area has fewer allergens than cities.

Cities often trigger neurodermatitis attacks. Experts recommend vacation destinations on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

But the salt lakes in Portugal and Chile are the best. These are the best destinations for getting climate therapy. Thanks to the salt in the water and air and a little sun.

The itching on your skin should subside. A stay in the high mountains, such as a hiking tour in the Alps, can also help.

But use enough sun protection. If you have neurodermatitis, your skin’s natural sun protection breaks down quickly.

Take any necessary medication with you

If you need medication, take enough with you. You often can not get it without a prescription at your holiday destination. You also can not get it in the same form abroad.

Important: Hand luggage scanners may flag medication as suspicious. If they do, the authorities will search the luggage. Accept this.

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