Book Colombo to Kalutara Taxi: Experience An Amazing Journey


This place is just 43 kilometers from the commercial capital of the island. It is a bustling city that many travelers visit by booking a Kalutara taxi.

They pass it to the southern coast neighbors, such as Bentota and Beruwela. But, a closer look at this part of Sri Lanka shows an illustrious history.

It has cultural intrigue, colonial heritage, and exotic wonder. Thus, it has all the hallmarks of the southern coastal cities.

Colombo to Kalutara Taxi
Photo by Oshadha Viduranga on Unsplash

The sights mix natural wonder and colonial monuments. They also include some places of worship. They await the wide-eyed traveler.

The site has many attractions, as in any southern coastal town of the island. They will show you the diversity of this island.

Go on excursions that will take you through Kalutara’s colonial days. They will also show you some biodiversity in the city.

More Information About Kalutara Taxi

This place of the Lanka is just 43 kilometers from the commercial capital of Lanka. It is a bustling city that many southern travelers overlook.

They favor its more famous neighbors like Bentota and Beruwela. But a closer look shows the illustrious history of Kalutara.

It is full of cultural intrigue, colonial heritage, and exotic wonder. It has all the hallmarks of the famous southern coastal cities.

This city has notable attractions, as in any Southern coastal town on the island. They will teach you about the diversity of the island.

Go on trips by booking Kalutara Taxi from Colombo, which will take you through the colonial days. They also visit some places of biodiversity.

It has a magnificent hot tropical climate with little yearly temperature change. There are both wet and dry seasons. But, even in the wet season, showers are short and heavy.

They usually become separated by the sun. The best time to visit is January to March when the weather remains stable.

April is the hottest month. It has an average high of thirty-three and a low of 25 Celcius. September is the winter month of the year.

It has an average high of 30 C and a low of 26 C. January is the driest month in this area. It sees eleven mm of rain and 30 sunny days.

May is the wettest 140 mm over eight days. First Choice and Sensible Weather have you covered. They help when unexpected weather rains on your parade.

The Weather Guarantee lets you travel where you want when you want. You do not have to worry about the forecast. In the 1960s, someone built Kalutara.

It is Gangatilaka Vihara to the south of the Kalutara Bridge. It is the most dominant landmark in this area. The white dagoba is at Kalutara Vihara.

Many people believe it is the only hollow Buddha Stupa in the world. This magnificent architecture contains a smaller dagoba inside.

Paintings of the Jataka tales about the life of the Buddha decorate the inside of the Stupa. Kalutara Bodhiya is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka.

This site is one of the 32 saplings of Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodiya. Kalutara Bodiya is on Colombo-Galle road.

Richmond Castle of this area is a two-story mansion built in 1896 at Palatota. It is a forty-two-acre fruit garden estate built for a wealthy regional governor.

The architecture represents a mix of British and Indian styles. A London architect made these plans. They copied designs for an Indian Maharaja’s palace.

The building has intricate carvings. Calido Beach is a thin strip of land. It runs between the Kalu River and the Indian Ocean.

In 1873, they built the Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple. It is in the northern part of Sri Lanka. Marcus Silva built the Clock Tower as a memory for his father and mother.

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