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More Information About This Journey of Belek to Alanya

It is a good idea to know in detail about the places you want to visit before visiting. Belek is famous, and Alanya is also popular among people.

Alanya, once Alaiye, is a beach town and district in Antalya Province, Turkey. It is on Turkey’s south coast, in the Mediterranean Region, 133 kilometers (83 mi) east of Antalya.

Its area is 1,577 km2, and its population is 364,180. The city itself has 189,222 people. Alanya’s position is natural and strategic.

It is on a small peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea below the Taurus Mountains. For this reason, it’s been a local stronghold for many Mediterranean empires.

These include the Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. The significant political importance of Alanya came in the Middle Ages.

Alaeddin Kayqubad I ruled the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm, and they named the city after him. His construction campaign resulted in many of the landmarks of this city.

These are the Kızıl Kule (Red Tower), Tersane (Shipyard), and Alanya Castle. Alanya has a Mediterranean climate, natural attractions, and historical heritage.

These features make it a popular destination for tourism. It contributes 9% of Turkey’s tourism sector. It is 30% of foreign real estate buys in Turkey.

Tourism has risen since 1958. It is now the top industry in the city. It has caused a corresponding growth in the city population.

Belek to Alanya
Photo by Dragana Novoselska on Unsplash

Warm-weather sports and festivals happen every year in Alanya. On the peninsula stands Alanya Castle, a Seljuk-era citadel dating from 1226.

The castle houses the most significant landmarks in the city and its surroundings. The builders constructed the current castle over existing fortifications.

It served as a palace of local government and a defense in case of attack. This city began renovating parts of the castle area in 2007.

This renovation included turning a Byzantine church into a Christian center. Inside the castle, you will find the Süleymaniye mosque.

Suleiman the Magnificent built it. It also has a caravanserai. You can walk much of the eastern peninsula surrounded by the old city walls.

Inside the walls are many historic villas. They are well-preserved examples of the classical period of Ottoman architecture.

Builders constructed most of them in the early 19th century. A 108-foot building is the Kızıl Kule high brick building. It stands at the harbor below the castle.

It holds the ethnographic museum of the city. Sultan Kayqubad First invited the famous architect Ebu Ali from Aleppo, Syria. He brought him to Alanya to design this building.

The last of 83 towers of Alanya Castle is octagonal. It protected the Tersane (dockyard). It is one of the best examples of medieval military architecture.

The Tersane is a medieval drydock built by the Seljuk Turks in 1221. It is 187 by 131 feet (57 by 40 m) and divided into five vaulted bays with equilateral pointed arches.

Kayqubad’s authority also built the Alara Castle and caravanserai near Manavgat. They have transformed it into a museum and heritage center.

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