Wateringbury Football Club: Valuable Information To Know


It is hard to find a person in Europe, including the United Kingdom, who does not love football. England has a strong football team, and many English people love to play this sport.

Wateringbury Football Club is an ideal place to enjoy a good time. It is a place where children of the United Kingdom love to play and enjoy time.

There are many health benefits to playing this world-famous game, without any question. Every English parent wants to make their children healthy.

So they tell their children to do different health activities. Playing game has health benefits. Parents of the UK know it and admit their children to the sports academy.

The location of this place is in Wateringbury. It is a village and civil parish near Maidstone town in Kent County. There are many things to explore in this area of the UK.

More Information About Wateringbury Football Club

The year 1996 is the time of the founding of this sports hub. The name of its founder is Nigel Newick. He founded this football club for children from his frustration.

This frustration came when he saw the coaches were sidelining children who were not performing well. It was the coaches of that club where his boy was playing.

The manager of the child’s team would only pick his best players. He wanted to give little or no time for development to the less gifted players.

So Nigel Newick founded this sports academy for all types of children to play this game. He aims to try and provide children of all abilities the chance of becoming part of this sport.

The members who work for this sports hub are very supportive, without any question. They try to support the children by giving them everything necessary to perform well.

Children progress through their practices and age in this place. They become so competitive day by day, without any doubt. There are girl’s and boys academy.

The year 2016 is the time of the foundation of the academy. Karl Smith is the founder. It plays a significant role in this club by creating competitive players.

There is a competitive girl’s team in this sports hub. This team is growing very fast, without any doubt. But there is a mental factor behind this admirable growth.

The factor is the inclusion of the Weetabix Wildcats Center for beginners and those new to the sport. This club has FA-qualified safeguarding and first-aid-trained coaches.

Wateringbury Football Club Children
Photo by Debra Brewster on Unsplash

These coaches give their best to make competitive players among the children. There is also a competitive boy’s team in this sports hub, without any doubt.

The boy’s teams have played in the Crowborough and District Junior Football League. There is no doubt that the boy’s football team is so competitive, and they proved it.

The club created separate groups of boys and girls and appointed good coaches. The coaches aim to introduce football to the children at a young age.

They help the children to understand the ethics of the game of football. In the year of 2016, this club received the award of FA chartered standard status.

This status helped them to enlist in a map as a great sports club. It is an ideal place for becoming part of the world-famous game that Lionel Messi plays.


There are many things to explore in this place of creating footballers. It is a good place for playing, without any hesitation. But it is also an ideal place for enjoying some time.

It is famous among the people of the United Kingdom, and many of them visit here. This area plays a significant role in helping to create a fit nation in the United Kingdom.

All types of games have health benefits, without any doubt. This famous game which Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo plays has health benefits.

If you have children, you can make them member of this place in the Wateringbury. This place can help them to become healthy and fit, without any question.

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