Visit Giethoorn: A Beautiful Village in the Netherlands

There is a strange place in our world where no car or horse moves! Giethoorn is the name of this place which is a small village in the Netherlands, located 100 km away from Amsterdam. Visit Giethoorn to discover its natural beauty.

The village has a serene environment, small wooden bridges, winding canals, colorful flowers, and not to mention the houses here. These 200-year-old houses have not changed and remain in the same formation.

The houses there look a lot like farmhouses. Giethoorn has strict restrictions on the use of any vehicle. However, the rules have changed a little as tourists flock to see this beautiful place.

So now cycling is allowed there. However, most of the time, people travel there by water. There is no alley on the traditional side of the village. Giethoorn has more than 180 bridges.

Boats have been the main tourist attraction for a long time, and electric motor boats are more popular with tourists due to their comfortable double seats. You will be able to see it if you visit Giethoorn.

Bert Haanstra is a Dutch filmmaker who shot his famous comedy movie Funfair in Giethoorn in 1958, and for this reason, this beautiful place got so popular. This beautiful place has become popular since then.

Gradually tourists flock to visit Giethoorn to enjoy its beauty in huge number. It will not be wrong to say that the tourism industry has contributed more to the economy of Giethoorn.

Raw markets, goods, and even restaurants are delivered to this village by boat. Giethoorn is different from any other place in the world for three reasons. First of all, everything here is minor.

Even the supermarkets there are small in size where the population is low. You can visit Giethoorn to discover the lifestyle of the people living here.

Second, there are 180 bridges, and people made all of these bridges using wood. Third, Giethoorn is in the middle of the Netherlands, so it’s easy to get around the world.

The word Giethoorn means goat’s horn. This name came from the first inhabitants, who found hundreds of goat horns in the swamp! These horns were the remnants of the flood of the tenth century.

But those horns are no more, and the plants are different. Until 1973, the village was a separate municipality. People called this simple, quiet, and picturesque place the Venice of the North.

The city has been given such a name due to its similarity with the Italian city. Although there are no roads in this village, there are some narrow alleys for cycling and numerous bridges.

The village is located a few meters below sea level. The soil is so soft that it is impossible to build roads there. So this village does not have any horse-drawn carriages.

You will be able to experience the transportation system if you visit Giethoorn. Roads are just narrow lanes for cycling. The boat is Giethoorn’s only vehicle without a bicycle.

Local boats are called punters and are usable for regular commuting and freight. The whole of Giethoorn is full of all the farms of the eighteenth century.

These thatched houses have 2-3 rooms. Each of the homes has a staircase that leads to the canal. This village is prosperous in the boat business.

People of the village depend on the boat for transportation, so the boat business flourished there. It takes a total of 3-4 weeks to build one boat. Giethoorn looks very different between summer and winter.

In summer, the canals remain full of water. In winter, the water of the canal freezes into ice. There is no way to recognize Giethoorn covered in ice. In the winter, locals skate on the ice.

According to some 100-year-old newspaper articles, these canals were initially used for human movement and transporting animals from one place to another.

A man can discover the beauty of the Giethoorn. But it is impossible to enjoy the beauty without spending some time in the place. Giethoorn is not an alternative to it. If you want to enjoy the beauty, you have to visit Giethoorn.