Užupis: One of the Smallest Republics in the World

It is one of the smallest countries in Europe. The country’s constitution is inscribed in different languages ​​on the walls on the side of the road. You have to be amazed once you look at that constitution. One article of the constitution states, “All people have the right to be happy.” Later it was written again, “All people have the right to be unhappy.”

There will be only human words, dogs and cats will be left out, why is that! So another article in the constitution says, “A dog has the right to be a dog.” And another section says, “No cat is obliged to love its owner, but must help him in times of danger.”

Not only the constitution, but the country also has its president, government, currency, and even a navy with three or four boats. A few days ago they also had an army of 10 members. But the army has been declared extinct because the peace-loving country is unwilling to engage in conflict with anyone.

Many have fallen so far and are confused, right? It does not seem that this is a strange country again, or it happens again? Many people must be thinking again, that maybe the cannabis story is a trap. It is good to inform you that not a single word is being exaggerated. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Such a country exists. The name of the country is The Republic of Uzupis. The country, which has an area of ​​less than 1 square kilometer, has declared independence from the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

The way the country was born

Lithuania is one of the three Baltic states (the other two are Estonia and Latvia), and the geographical center of Europe. It was also a part of the Soviet Union from 1940-41 and 1944-90. Numerous statues of Soviet leaders were erected throughout Vilnius at that time. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, those statues were demolished. Only their pillars are empty.

In 1995, a group of local sculptors erected a statue of the American rock icon Frank Japan on one of the empty pillars at Uzupis. However, Japa never went to Vilnius. Even then, the sculptors built his statue as a symbol of liberation and democracy.

Two years later, on April 1, 1997, they went one step further. As the April Fool’s Fun begins, they declare that the Uzupis region is now an independent people’s republic, separate from the rest of Lithuania.

Soon after, they designed four national flags for the country (one-color flag for each season) and later drafted the country’s constitution. And since then the area has been behaving like an independent country. Although foreign governments have never formally recognized Uzupis, they are now the source of all Lithuanian glory, including Vilnius.

Uzupis Day

In Lithuanian, Uzupis means across the river. The Uzupis is separated from the rest of the city of Vilnius by the Vilnel River. Every year on April 1 the country celebrates its Independence Day, which is locally known as Uzupis Day.

On this day, tourists can cross the Villanelle Bridge, stand at the entrance of this country, collect their passports and enter (although on other days, it does not require much formality, anyone can enter the country without any hindrance!). And once inside, they can use the country’s local currency, and even drink as much beer as they want from the artificial fountain in Main Square!

Bloody history

What would happen if peace doves flew in the skies of Uzupis at the moment, once this area (because it still could not become a country) had to go through terrible times. In the middle of the twentieth century, during Soviet rule, the area was declared abandoned. This part of town was dangerous.

Only the infinitely brave or the utterly foolish could think of setting foot here. One of the main roads in the area, Uzupis Street, was known as the road of death. The reason behind this was not only the high crime rate but also the Jewish people in the region, who were annihilated during the Holocaust.

Now, of course, those horrible days are no more. All the designs and paintings on the street walls are impeccably beautiful. Vitality all around, it would seem that there can be nothing more like a happy understanding of survival.

Constitution formulation

The need for a constitution has been felt since the country declared independence in 1997. The constitution is the symbol of a country’s independence and sovereignty, so one summer afternoon in 1998, the country’s constitution was drafted by Sepitis and President Romas Lilleikis in just three hours.

Government system

Like many others, the government structure and recruitment of officials in Uzupis are conducted in a very light manner. The country’s parliament building is also a cafe-cum-pub.

There are dozens of ministers to monitor the overall situation in the country. In addition, those who wish to be active in politics must be members of local organizations.

Tourism industry

In the tourism industry, the country is playing a major role in the development of Lithuania’s tourism industry. The country has been able to attract tourists since its independence in 1997. To many, Uzupis is an unprecedented country, a mixture of reality and imagination.

So the people of Lithuania, as well as many foreigners, come to visit this country. As a result, Uzupis is now the second most expensive region in Vilnius. If you are not very rich, nowadays no one can buy a small apartment here.