The Oldest Mummy in Egypt: Archeologists Possibly Discovered

Archaeologists in Egypt have found a mummy in Saqqara. This mummy has gold wrapping. It is more than four thousand years old.

They found it 50 feet underground in an ancient cemetery in Saqqara, south of the capital Cairo.

Archaeologists say the mummy, wrapped in gold leaf, belongs to a man named Hekashepes. It is one of the most complete and oldest mummies of non-royals found in Egypt.

No one has opened the mortuary where the mummy was in the past 4,300 years. Three more tombs are available at the same site, and one belongs to a Secret Keeper.

It is not The Oldest Mummy in Egypt
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

This place is an ancient ‘necropolis’ or city of the dead. The mummy found here is that of a man called Khnumdiedef.

He was a priest, overseer, and overseer of the nobility. Another mummy is that of a person named Mary, a palace official famous for the title of Secret Keeper.

As a result of receiving this title, she had the right to perform special religious rituals. A judge and writer named ‘Fetek’ were in the third grave.

Many statues are available here, some of which are among the largest found in the area. Archaeologists found other things, including pottery, from those graves apart from this.

Ancient Tombs of Saqqara

The site of Saqqara, near Cairo, operated as a burial ground for over three thousand years. UNESCO has declared this place a World Heritage Site.

The ancient capital of Egypt, Memphis, was once located here. Apart from that, there are more than a dozen pyramids.

The most notable of these pyramids is the Step Pyramid, and it is near this that the last mummies were available.

Another important thing happened the day before the discovery of the Saqqara mummies.

Experts in Luxor said they had discovered the ruins of a Roman city. It dates back to the second and third centuries AD.

They found residential buildings, towers, and a metal factory or workshop. They also found a variety of utensils, tools, and Roman coins here.

Egypt is Trying to Attract More Tourists through Mummy

In recent years, Egypt has opened up many archaeological discoveries. They did it to boost its tourism industry.

The government hopes to open a museum as the Grand Egyptian Museum this year. They believe that three crore tourists will visit it by 2028.

But some critics complain about the Egyptian government. The complaint is they focus on discoveries that get media coverage. They did it over academic research to boost tourists.

Egypt is an ancient land with many historical wonders like mummies. Discoverers from different parts of the world visit this country to explore.

It has many things to offer, including pyramids, temples, and mummies of kings and queens. Many travelers who visit the middle east or Africa keep Egypt on their list.

There are many hidden wonders inside the soil of the great country of Egypt. Many people explorer has the thirst to discover those wonder in front of the people.

Every traveler knows there is a wonder in this African country named the Great Nile. It is the longest river in the world, without any doubt.

People will not only be able to enjoy mummies or ancient temples, but they will also be able to enjoy the great Nile.

There is no doubt about the natural beauty and historical importance of Egypt. So you should not hesitate to visit this country with your family and loved ones.