The Mohe City of China Saw Its Painful Coldest Day Ever

Thousands of tourists reach here every year from many places to see the coldest city in China. The temperature of this time broke all the records of low temperatures here.

The lowest temperature ever recorded was in Mohe, the northernmost city in China. Mohe city is famous as the North Pole of China.

This place is in Heilongjiang province and is close to the Russian border. The local meteorological center of the city recorded a record temperature of -53 degrees Celsius at 7 am.

Mohe City
BaycrestCC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

The previous coldest temperature recorded was -52.3C in 1969. But, the temperature is still lower than China’s national record.

In December 2009, the lowest temperature recorded in China was −58 °C in the Genhe city of Inner Mongolia.

But, if we talk about the UK, the lowest temperature recorded is -27.2 degree Celsius. It happened in 1895, 1982, and 1995 in different parts of Scotland.

Such cold weather is not a new thing in Mohe City. China Daily says the city is famous as the coldest place in China, and its winter “usually lasts eight months.”

As a result, this city with the ‘North Pole’ attracts tourists throughout the year. Ice, Snow Park, Skiing Venue, etc. are many here. In past years, it has also hosted the Winter Marathon.

It is common to see an average temperature of -15°C in the city during this period of the year. The China Meteorological Authority issued an alert for falling temperatures and cold winds.

The areas of the Greater Khingan mountain range also faced cold winds and falling temperatures. It extends into Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang.

It saw record-low temperatures, Xinhua news agency said. Temperatures in Mohe have dropped below -50 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days.

Mohe city of China
Prince Roy from Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Its outlets have described it as unprecedented. Beijing News reported that the city’s coal consumption has increased by a third. It is due to the cold weather.

There are many things to know about this place in northern China. It is famous as one of the coldest places in its country, without any doubt.

It borders Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the south. It also borders Tahe County on the east and faces Russia across the Heilongjiang River.

It is famous as one of the domestic non-polluted natural pure lands, without any doubt. Visitors have the chance to do many unique things in this Chinese land.

A village named Beiji is the only place in China to view the aurora borealis. It is a place where people experience polar day and polar night.

This Chinese area is rich in mineral resources and covered in green forests. It has a population of rare plants and animals. It is the source of the Amur river.

This river forms the border between Russia and China. It has a large area of virgin forest and is famous for outdoor activities.

These activities include hunting and camping. Mohe city is famous among tourists, without any doubt. Not only Chinese but also people from many countries visit this area.

Mohe China
Prince Roy from Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It has many things to offer to its visitors. It has a nickname which is China’s Arctic Town. A must-see visiting spot in this area is Heilongjiang River First Bay.

This place is famous for its long winter, which lasts from November to the end of April. The border of Russia is close here. Nine Curves and Eighteen Turns Wetland Park is a perfect place to visit here.

A journey to this Northernmost part of the country can be enjoyable, without any doubt. But cold temperatures can create some issues.