Climate Change Threatens These Travel Destinations

There is no dispute that climate change threatens our planet, without any doubt. The effects often seem so far away in Europe – although floods like in Venice in 2019.

Europe saw the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in 2021, which shows this is not the case. An overview map by the US NGO Climate Central is alarming.

Climate Change Threatens
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It shows which regions climate challenges to swallow up by 2050 or 2100. The reason for this is the rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events like floods.

The report is causing a stir as the impact could be far more devastating than before.

Germany’s Port Cities and Islands could Soon be Underwater

There is the evaluation of 51 million data sets. It says that coastal areas in Europe could disappear from the map.

It starts with the North Sea coast of Denmark via Hamburg and Bremen to Amsterdam. It also includes the Dutch North Sea coast to the French border.

Water surrounded the island of Great Britain. A big part of this island is under the threat of global warming. 

And parts of southern Europe, especially around Venice, could no longer exist by 2100. And with that, culturally and historically valuable sights would also disappear. 

The coastal area of Germany extends over 3700 kilometers on both the North and Baltic Seas. Climate challenges these areas of Germany to sink.

In German political and administrative terms, five states border these coasts. These are Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein.

Global warming has already threatened the coasts with recurring flood events and erosion. The sea-level rise creates a high-risk situation.

Two-thirds of the 3,700 km German coastline is eroding. The German coastline is shallow, with marsh, dune coast, or beach wall. Approximately 11% of the German coast (420 km) is steep.

Climate pollution
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There is other information about the Baltic coastline of Germany. More than half of the baltic sea coastline belongs to the so-called Bodden Coast.

Many researchers said that if climate change continues unchecked, the risk will increase in this country. Heavy rainfall, heat, and drought will devastate Germany in the future.

It is the research of the Federal Climate Impact and Risk Assessment (KWRA). The damage will have a devastating effect on ecosystems. The ecosystems are already the victim of pollution.

The pollution of ecosystems affects soils, forests and water bodies, and human health. German people and government have to take proper measures to protect the coastline.

It is not only a problem for Germany but also a problem for other countries of the world. It is necessary to work together for every country to save the planet from global warming.

Climate Change Threatens to Destroy Holiday Paradises in Asia

The NGO paints a bleak picture. Many places, sometimes even entire countries, could no longer be habitable. It is due to the melting of the mainland ice in Antarctica and Greenland.

The large parts are already only a few meters above sea level in Asia. Climate can change the lives of around 300 million people.

Climate Change Effect
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According to the RND, 630 million people worldwide would be at risk from rising sea levels. Popular exotic destinations could become a second Atlantis.

It is the coastal region of Thailand and Vietnam. Seychelles and the Caribbean can also face the same fate because of global warming.