Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari: The Old House of A Rich Landlord

The zamindar houses of Bangladesh are now almost on the verge of destruction. The charm of Zamindar houses in Kurigram is also on the way to destruction like other districts.

Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari is one of the ancient houses of Kurigram. The location of this ancient house is 16 km away from the district headquarters. It belongs to Nageshwari Upazila in the Bhitorbond union.

During British rule, the headquarter of Bhetarbandh was in the Rajshahi district. The practice of zamindari started with the permanent settlement here. It was the headquarter of Bhetarbandh Pargana.

It was then that the zamindars spread their roots here. But, the origin of this house is still unknown. No one knows whose zamindar period this house belongs.

The construction style of this ancient house also gives a charming impression. But, there is a difference between this zamindar house and other zamindar houses. The difference is in the architectural materials.

Although it may sound surprising, the landlord used wood to build the inside of the house. There is not any brick-stone-lime inside the house. But the main entrance consists of brick, mortar, and lime.

The grand entrance is round-arched. There are tall pillars beside the arch. Over time, the plaster becomes the victim of damage and reveals the bricks.

There is no existence of almost half of the wood-built houses now. The local administration uses half of the house as the office of the Union Parishad. If you want to visit this place in Kurigram, you can.

How to go the Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari?

From Kurigram, you can ride CNG or an easy bike to Nageshwari Upazila to get to this ancient house. I hope you will enjoy the journey in this area.

Where will you stay?

You will see several residential hotels of different quality in Kurigram city. You can choose one of them to stay in the night.

Where to eat?

The food at Nanna Biryani or Asia Hotel at Shapla Mor in Kurigram is quite good. Sidal Bharta and Bairati fish from the Teesta River are famous dishes of Kurigram.