Gibson Desert Nature Reserve: A Beautiful Place in Australia

Gibson Desert Nature Reserve is an 18,900-square-kilometer nature reserve. The location of this place is in midwestern Australia. This nature conservation area is remote and rarely visited by tourists. It is beautiful, and anyone in the world will find something special in this remote place. Its location is in the arid regions of Australia. The […]

8 Interesting Facts about Palau: An Island in The Pacific Ocean

Palau is one of the smallest countries and an archipelago of over 500 islands in the western Pacific. It is a lovely country that may make you feel like you are in the heaven of the earth. There are hundreds of facts about Palau to know. It is good to know about these facts before […]

4 Basic Information about The Grand Canyon National Park

There is important information about the Grand Canyon National Park to know. Millions of years ago, the world was not like this. The towering peaks now stand on the earth’s surface, once may have been rivers. Or where billions of species of animals now swim in reservoirs, there were once vast arid deserts. There is […]

Information about Liechtenstein: A Beautiful Country

Among the many countries of the world, a small country in Central Europe is Liechtenstein. The location of this state is between Switzerland and Austria. It is the sixth smallest state in the world and the fourth smallest in Europe. Its area covers only 160 square kilometers. It is about 25 km in length and […]

Chara Sands: An Amazing Desert in Siberia

There is the desert in Russia – it goes without saying that this fact will shock many. The Russian Federation, the largest country in the world, is not a country of desert. But everyone knows it more as a polar country. But people know Russia as the land of ice, and this perception is correct. […]

Information about Monaco: A Beautiful Small Country of The World

The Mediterranean Sea flows through Europe and Africa. The location of the second smallest country in the world is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Vatican City occupied first place in the race for the smallest country. There is much information about Monaco to know. Although it is small, its importance is not less. […]

The Driest Desert on Earth: The Great Atacama

When we hear the word desert, our eyes flash with a dry and rainless vast area covered with dusty sand. About one-third of the land of the planet is desert. It is according to the research of the experts. The great Atacama is the driest desert on earth. Four types of deserts are generally found […]

Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari: The Old House of A Rich Landlord

The zamindar houses of Bangladesh are now almost on the verge of destruction. The charm of Zamindar houses in Kurigram is also on the way to destruction like other districts. Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari is one of the ancient houses of Kurigram. The location of this ancient house is 16 km away from the district headquarters. […]

The Cano Cristales River: 5 Interesting Facts about This Wonder

Cano Cristales is a mysterious river in nature. You will see the waves of seven colors with the touch of beautiful cotton on its chest. It is as if nature has decorated this river in its various forms. Many tourists from home and abroad flock every year to enjoy the beauty of this place. Let’s […]

The Island of Poveglia: A Haunted Place of Italy

We are talking about a magical place. It will seem like a magical city is calling you by the hand. Seeing the blue water all around will make your eyes dazzle. The air is thousands of years old tears remain accumulated on this land. Today’s article is about the unknown story of how the island […]

The Story of The Russian Atlantis: Mologa

I think many of us have heard the story of the lost continent of Atlantis. The famous Greek philosopher Plato first described an island continent called Atlantis. According to Plato’s description, Atlantis had its civilization and culture. But the island continent sank under the sea. It happened after losing the favor of the gods. Most […]

7 Must-See Places in Tuscany: A Beautiful Region of Italy

Tuscany is a region located in the center of Italy. It became world-renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty. Its rich history and plenty of art and culture also made it famous. No matter how much you praise it, it falls short of describing the opulence of Tuscany. It is the place where the Italian Renaissance […]

One of The Astonishing Floating Cities on Water: Makoko

Let’s think of large floating cities on water. You are the resident. You are in a hurry to go to work. You got out of the house and hired a taxi. After a while, you saw the road become submerged in heavy rain. Dirty water started entering the back seat of your taxi at high […]

Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary: An Interesting Place in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country with many rivers, forests, and hills. Tengragiri Wildlife sanctuary is a type of mangrove forest in southern Bangladesh. Mangrove forests are prominent in Bangladesh’s diverse forests with different characteristics. Such forests developed with a floral diversity adapted to tidal flow and salinity. Mangrove forests are in the south and southwest […]

9 Interesting Facts About Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is an attractive island in the Visayan Sea. Visayas islands srrounded the Visayan Sea. Masbate is in the north of the Visayan Sea. Panay is on the west, Leyte is on the east, and Cebu and Negros are on the south. It has the Sibuyan Sea to the northwest, the Samar Sea to the northeast, […]

4 Interesting Facts about The Devils Tower

Black Hill region of the western US state of Wyoming is an ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty. Many people flock to the foot of this mountain every year to hike. As the hikers reach the banks of the Belle Fourche River, a tower-like object becomes visible. At first glance, it may seem like ancient architecture. […]

Visit Socotra Island: 9 Interesting Facts about This Place

There is an island near the Arabian Sea, which is quite different from other islands on our planet. This Yemeni island is home to many flora and fauna that are rare. That is why this site is one of the strangest and most mysterious places in our world. This island is not very big. The […]

15 Amazing Facts about The Amazon Rainforest

The great Amazon rainforest Covers an area of ​​1.4 billion acres in South America. We do not know much about this hidden forest from the civilized world. There are many amazing facts about the amazon rainforest. It is only natural that a large ecosystem would develop around such a large forest. There will be animals […]

Taltali Upazila: 5 Interesting Places To Visit in This Area

Taltali Upazila is an administrative area of ​​the Barguna district of Bangladesh. It has an area of ​​333.83 square kilometers. The Burishwar river and Barguna Sadar Upazila are on the west of it. Andharmanik river and Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali are in the east. The Tengragiri forest and the Bay of Bengal are in the […]

10 Interesting Facts About Bali: An Island of Indonesia

The island of Bali, or the Island of God, is one of the majestic islands of Indonesia. People around the world know about this island of Indonesia. It is the most touristic destination, which some people love to refer to as heaven. You can visit this land to see the heavenly beauty of nature. In […]

Shewrapara: An Important Place in Dhaka City

Shewrapara is an area under the Mirpur locality in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Like other areas of Dhaka, it is also a populated area. People of different professions live in this area. Most of whom are working poor people. About forty to fifty families live together in small flats of buildings in this locality. […]

A Complete List of Union Parishads in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small South Asian country with a sizable population. Although small, this country has enough beauty. This post is about the union of Bangladesh. It means union council or Union Parishad of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. It is a complete list of union Parishad in Bangladesh. Not only the list of Union […]

Longyou Caves: An Enduring Mystery of China

An ancient world of mystery became evident in the village of Shiyan Beicun. This village is in the Zhejiang Province of china. Four farmers found sandstone caves when they drained the water of five ponds. So far, researchers have found 24 caves covering an area of ​​30,000 square meters. Scientists from around the world have […]

Lac de Gafsa: A Mysterious Lake in Tunisian Desert

We all know Sahara is the largest desert on our planet which is on the continent of Africa. Tunisia is a northern African country that has forty-five percent area of this desert. The dry climate of the Sahara desert prevails over most of the country. Gafsa is a very famous city in Tunisia. This northern […]

Visit Borneo: The Third Largest Island in The World

Borneo is the third largest island in the world, and it spans an area of about 745,000 hectares. You can divide the region of Borneo into three parts. The first part of Borneo is Malaysia. The second part of Borneo is Brunei. The last part of Borneo is the Kalimantan which is under the control […]