UNESCO Included Ukranian City Odessa on Heritage List

The historic port city of Ukraine, Odesa, has become a part of the UNESCO world heritage list. United Nations included it after the request of Ukraine. It is a recognition of the historical significance of a Black Sea port. Russia has bombarded it with missiles as it seeks to recapture Ukraine. The Foreign Minister of […]

Boeing Delivers Last 747 Jumbo Jet: The Queen of The Sky

The jumbo jet Boeing 747 plane, called the queen of the skies, is bidding farewell. The company is preparing to make the final delivery soon. They delivered their last freighter plane to Atlas Air company. The company stopped its production after 53 years of its launch. Due to its size and luxury, this plane remained […]

The Mohe City of China Saw Its Coldest Day Ever

Thousands of tourists reach here every year from many places to see the coldest city in China. The temperature of this time broke all the records of low temperatures here. The lowest temperature ever recorded was in Mohe, the northernmost city in China. Mohe city is famous as the North Pole of China. This place […]

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel: The Connection Between Germany and Denmark

The German and Danish have taken steps to establish an underwater connection. They are building the longest underwater tunnel in the world. This unique tunnel, built 40 meters below the Baltic Sea, will be ready by 2029. It will cost thousands of dollars. They are both developing rail and roads inside the tunnel. The location […]

Qantas Engine Failure: An Avoided Crash

An Australian plane’s engine broke down in the middle of the sky. It was the second incident of avoiding a plane crash within a week. A plane crash in Nepal shook the whole world, in which all 72 people on board the flight became the victim of death. At the same time, a similar gruesome […]

Hong Kong Wants to Give Away 500,000 Free Airline Tickets

The government of Hong Kong has announced plans to give away 500,000 free airline tickets. It is a way to revive its tourism industry and attract visitors to the city. The authority unveiled the “Hello Hong Kong” initiative on Thursday. But they have worked for over two years. The government will give the tickets to […]

Japanese Passport Power: Travel to 193 Countries Without Visa

Japan is a majestic island country in Asia with great people. Many things about Japan are very astonishing. One of these things is the Japanese passport power. Any Japanese passport holder can travel to 193 countries without any visa. It is the strongest passport in the world. It is a valuable achievement for Japan, without […]

4 Best First Class Seats Airlines to Travel Like A King

You may have traveled by plane more than once. Middle-class travelers usually travel in economy premium economy class. Many people love to travel on the best first class seats airlines. But only those who have traveled in the first-class understand its meaning. If you want, you can taste traveling in first-class seats of airplanes. There […]